Meet The Team Behind WellStart Health

WellStart Health is made up of a team of dedicated professionals, whose sole aim it is to bring you the highest quality content on the topic of health and wellness.

Below you can find more information on some of our key players.

Jason M Writer

Jason M – Founder & Author

Jason is the founder of WellStart Health in it’s current form – moving the online platform towards providing honest, experience and evidence backed reviews of health and wellness products that make a real difference to real people.

James Dixon – Author & Lead Reviewer

James is an award winning writer and a personal trainer with fifteen years of industry experience. He writes on health, fitness, nutrition and modern lifestyle for a number of publications and has worked with the team at Well Start Health for over 3 years.

James Dixon Writer
Lindsay Downes Profile Picture

Lindsay Downes – Senior Editor & Fact Checker

Lindsay has been part of the WellStart team for over 12 months and oversees all our content to ensure it complies with our stringent content quality guidelines. She also personally fact checks every word of our content.