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Ultratox Review

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Our nutritionalist James Dixon takes a look at this relatively inexpensive weight loss supplement in our full Ultratox review…

Ultratox is a weight loss supplement aimed at aiding ketosis and giving you more energy as you cut body fat. Its formula contains three types of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). This will be the main active ingredient at work, though there are a couple of other worthy contenders in its recipe.

I don’t think many people would argue that Ultratox is expensive. A bottle will give you change from forty dollars and, if it does what it claims to do – namely, help you lose weight – most would consider this a bargain. However, I’m not entirely convinced, at first glance, that it offers value for money.

There are supplements out there geared towards achieving the same ends as Ultratox, which are more explicit about their potential benefits and requirements, that give you an awful lot more in their formulas for the same amount.

So, is Ultratox worth the money? Let’s have a look in this Ultratox review…

Quick Verdict On Ultratox

KetoCharge bottles over blurred bottle of UltraTox

The science behind Ultratox seems flawed. Despite it having initial promise, in our testing (and in light of the ingredients used), we found the results of Ultratox were less than impressive.

Instead, we prefer KetoCharge. Its all-natural ingredient profile is scientifically backed and was highly effective in our testing in terms of amplifying the effect of ketosis on the body, but also helping to alleviate the negative side effects associated with Keto diets.

KetoCharge in our view is a far superior supplement.

Ultratox Explained

UltraTox bottle

Ultratox is a pretty clever supplement. Its simplicity might be seen as distracting. Why overcomplicate things, after all, when a core few ingredients will do everything you want them to do?

My first bugbear comes with Ultratox’s branding. It markets itself as a weight loss supplement. This isn’t untrue.

However, it is misleading. Those core ingredients, the two forms of Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), are specifically aimed at ketogenic diets. There is little evidence of this fact on Ultratox’s own website.

This is OK. However, don’t buy into Ultratox unless you’re following a ketogenic diet. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) aids ketone supply and use. It isn’t too much use unless you’re using ketones as an energy source, which you won’t be doing outside of ketosis.

This being said, Ultratox claim that their supplement will help you to reduce cravings across the board. This may make it easier to maintain a calorie deficit. It does this by helping to better regulate your body’s leptin balance.

Leptin is a hormone. It is responsible for balancing energy levels and suppressing appetite. There is some research suggesting that obese people are resistant to it, making it hard for them to keep food cravings at bay and maintain adequate energy levels.

By helping to better regulate leptin balance, Ultratox might be able to undo this.

This is achieved with BHB. It helps to reduce cravings. However, the theory gets a little muddled, here. It gets a little circular. The company claim that BHB can help you to get into ketosis, which should help to regulate leptin levels.

They also claim that it can regulate leptin levels in itself (I don’t think this is true). It also makes no mention of diet – they allow a casual reader to think that they will be able to get into ketosis simply by taking BHB.

This is untrue. You get into ketosis by limiting glycogen and blood glucose. This forces the body to use ketones as energy, which it forms from fat. In this way, it inspires your body to burn fat as a fuel source.

Ketosis therefore requires very limiting carbohydrate intake, which keeps glycogen and blood glucose low enough to elicit it. You will need to eat fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrates daily – about the equivalent of two medium sized bananas.

With this in place, you should hit ketosis within a few days.

BHB can make this process more efficient. It can speed up the time it takes you to get into ketosis. It can negate some of the early side effects associated with going into ketosis (bad breath, brain fog, low energy to name a few). 

A BHB supplement like Ultratox can work well for anyone following a ketogenic diet. It can’t really work for anyone else, no matter how much it promises to regulate leptin levels.

There are also few other active ingredients, which is a shame. I would expect more at this price point. Some kind of thermogenic ingredient would be really handy and cheap to implement – we are talking coffee, caffeine, capsicum, green tea and so on. Something like caffeine or guarana would also give you the energy kick you need. Ketosis is well-known for poor digestive health due to the lack of fiber in a ketogenic diet. Including a good quality fiber like glucomannan would help with this, whilst also suppressing your appetite and helping you to maintain good gut health.

Finally, Ultratox hides behind a ‘proprietary blend’. This means that, although you know what ingredients are included for the most part, you don’t know dosages. You won’t know how much of each ingredient you are getting. Insufficient amounts will render the supplement useless. Too much can be dangerous. You are entirely in their hands.

The basic theory is sound, though Ultratox seem to willingly fudge it to make BHB sound more useful to more people than it is. However, it could do with more ingredients, greater transparency, and a good dose of honest science for the consumer.

Benefits Of Using Ultratox

There are some benefits to be found from Ultratox. As above, these revolve around BHB and its role in making ketosis more efficient and easier to manage.

Ketosis is a great weight loss tool, if you can manage a ketogenic diet. As above, this means eating fewer than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. This is a punishingly small intake. Most people on healthy diets eat around four to six times this.

Ketosis elicits greater fat burning. It causes your body to burn fat as ketones rather than blood glucose and stored glycogen as its main source of energy. It should also improve your energy levels after a few initial days or weeks of adjustment.

BHB stimulates your body’s ketones. In short, this means that it makes them more active and more available. This should give you an energy kick – you will, after all, be able to more easily access your body’s new prime energy source.

Ultratox also claim that it can help to regulate leptin levels. This should reduce hunger cravings. However, hunger cravings will be low on a ketogenic diet anyway, as there is so little blood sugar to cause spikes and crashes. It should also maintain good energy balance, which we have already seen.

The manufacturers give little scientific explanation for how this is meant to happen, however. They offer no scientific evidence that it works, either. Realistically, this means the claim cannot be trusted – we have to discount it.

This means that Ultratox relies on BHB making ketosis more efficient, as well as a small handful of other ingredients that may bring some kind of fat burning benefit.

That’s all OK. BHB is indeed a great tool for ketosis. But that’s the limit.

There are better products out there if you’re looking for something to help you better maintain a healthy weight. There are better products for boosting energy levels, improving fat burning potential, and suppressing your appetite.

I would recommend KetoCharge to anyone looking to improve on a basic ketogenic diet. It is very good at getting rid of many of the side effects inherent to ketosis’ early days. You shouldn’t experience such bad brain fog and lethargy – the dreaded ‘keto flu’ – or the bad breath most of us get in ketosis. It also delivers plenty of electrolytes.

Phen24 bottles

As well as aiding hydration (often an issue through ketosis), electrolytes can further aid ketosis. Glycine amino acid will allow for better sleep and higher, more even energy levels.

Phen24 is also one of the best metabolism boosters on the market. It isn’t designed for ketosis specifically. However, Ultratox seem to suggest you needn’t follow a ketogenic diet to benefit from it (you do). This puts in in contention with all other fat burners, of which Phen24 is a far superior example.

It is clever. You get a daytime pill to ramp up your metabolism and give you higher energy levels. You also get a nighttime pill designed to give you a better quality of sleep, giving you more time to recharge more fully and to actually burn through fat.

All in all, Ultratox is meant to help with weight loss, reduce hunger and cravings, and give you more energy. It can in specific instances, which it does a poor job of outlining. There are better options available.

Ultratox Ingredients

Though I do think there are better products out there, as far as I can tell Ultratox’s recipe seems to be good, if a little lean. The ingredients list is good, even if we can’t know all the dosages included in their proprietary blend.

It begins with a good mixture of three different types of BHB – calcium, sodium, and magnesium BHBs. These are all salt ketone supplements which should help the body to achieve efficient ketosis in conjunction with a ketogenic diet.

Aside from these, Ultratox also includes cinnamon bark and turmeric. Though you should undoubtedly expect more for your money, these are good inclusions into any dietary supplement.

Cinnamon is thought to help the body to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. This may be redundant during ketosis, where blood sugar should be stable and low anyway. However, it might be useful in the early days. It can also have a very positive effect on gut health, maintaining healthy bacteria which in turn will aid with weight loss.

Turmeric is one of the best anti-inflammatories going. This isn’t why it’s included in Ultratox, but it’s still about the best use you’ll get from it (providing the dose is high enough, which we cannot know). Ultratox use it because there has been past speculation that it is a good weight loss supplement. A recent study has debunked this idea, however.

How To Use Ultratox

You only need to take 1-2 pills once per day with Ultratox. This is actually quite a big mark in its favor. Too many supplement regimes require you to take whole handfuls of pills, or to keep bottles on you at all times so you can take them steadily throughout the day.

As above, and though they don’t really seem to outline it, Ultratox will only really be effective in conjunction with a ketogenic diet – high protein and fat and very low carbohydrate intake.

Using Ultratox

UltraTox bottle directions label

Ultratox’s manufacturers claim that using it can lead to improved weight loss and leptin balance. You should feel less hungry and more energetic taking it.

This can happen. If you take it on a ketogenic diet, you will probably lose excess body fat. Hunger pangs should be few and greatly diminished after the first few days of ketosis.

It’s hard to say how much of this will be down to Ultratox, however. Given the lack of scientific evidence they provide, there remains a large and obvious question mark in place.

One thing is for sure – it will do very little if you’re not already following a ketogenic diet. At least, the BHB won’t do much. As this is the main active ingredient, this is a big problem.

On the plus side, there are few, if any, side effects associated with Ultratox. The formula, though proprietary, is high quality. All ingredients are completely natural. You may experience digestive complaints in the early days, such as diarrhea and bloating. However, you can expect these in the early days of ketosis anyway.

Ultratox Pros & Cons

  • Ultratox may be able to reduce insulin resistance and maintain more even blood sugar levels
  • It may speed up fat loss in conjunction with a ketogenic diet
  • It should be able to make the journey into ketosis easier and quicker
  • It may have a slight benefit to gut bacteria
  • All natural ingredients with few reported side effects 

The science is shaky in several respects*
Can cause stomach upsets, though not too badly
A thin formula for the money
Everything is hidden behind a proprietary blend
There is much better competition out there

*Shaky Science Explained:

  • A pervasive lack of evidence cited
  • Plenty of evidence to the contrary of some of their claims
  • A lack of clear explanation to the buyer
  • Claiming it can help anyone, ketogenic diet or not, which is likely false
  • Much evidence used is based on tentative animal research, not extensive human testing

UltraTox FAQs

Is Ultratox safe?

Yes, Ultratox should be completely safe for most people. The ingredients are entirely natural and there are no significant side effects associated with it. Its efficacy is doubtful, but it should be harmless.

How much does Ultratox cost?

Ultratox is available both direct from the manufacturer and from other retailers. A month’s supply should give you change from forty dollars.

How should you take UltraTox? 

Take 1-2 capsules every day, once per day.

Does Ultratox provide a refund policy?

Ultratox does come with a full refund if you return the bottle, no matter how many pills you have taken. This is a good thing. Few people will notice much of a difference taking it, so it’s good that they will be able to get their money back.

Do note, however, that shipping and handling costs will still apply.


KetoCharge bottle with ingredients label

Ultratox has the promise of a good supplement. It contains good quality BHB, which is known to benefit anyone looking to get into ketosis. The other two ingredients may also bring benefits, though likely not the ones the manufacturer claims.

This is where it ends, unfortunately. The promise dies.

Firstly, the science is terrible. The manufacturers do a very bad job of explaining the benefits and limitations of Ultratox. They artfully make it sound like anyone can benefit from BHB, no matter their diet.

This is wrong. Their claims are often either unfounded, founded on poor data, or outright contradicted by the most recent available data.

Secondly, the formula falls short. It is a proprietary blend, which I will always argue against. You have no way of knowing how much of anything included you are putting into your body.

It is also thin on anything that isn’t BHB. Just another ingredient or two could make this a much more potent, usable formula, and could earn the price tag attached.

I would look elsewhere. I’ve given you a couple of alternatives in KetoCharge and Phen24.