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PureLean Review

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Finding reliable PureLean reviews is not easy. Our full review takes a comprehensive look at this supplement and how effective it is for weight loss.

PureLean is a product trademark designed and manufactured by Pure Encapsulations and they sell a range of weight management based products under the PureLean name.

The brand was brought to our attention after reading a range of PureLean reviews – some of which were good and others not so. This prompted us to investigate some of the PureLean products for ourselves and bring you our own PureLean review.

Quick Verdict On PureLean

PhenQ bottle over blurred tub of PureLean

PureLean has a good range of vitamins and minerals and some good ingredients that are useful for weight loss.

However, in line with many clinical studies, these ingredients are not sufficiently dosed to give optimum results.

Instead, we prefer PhenQ. It is consistently one of our top performers in the weight loss and fat burning categories. We found it be far more potent than PureLean and is available at a similar price point.

About Pure Encapsulations

PureLean is made by Pure Encapsulations so when researching or reviewing PureLean it is well worth understanding a little more about the company. Pure Encapsulations are part of a wider group known as Atrium Innovations – a company with a focus on nutritional science and one that invests significant time, money and resources in to clinical research in the field of nutritional science.

This means that Pure Encapsulations get direct access to this research, but it might also throw up a slight conflict of interest between their ‘for profit’ supplements and the clinical research around the efficacy of them. That being said, they make everything publicly accessible and cite their own research and the research of others when discussing the efficacy of their products.

In addition, all their work is peer reviewed and so should be taken as using best practices.

The company behind PureLean has a focus on high quality supplementation and all their products are free from GMOs, wheat, soy, dairy, gluten, artificial colors and unnecessary fillers unless stated otherwise. Pure Encapsulations also have a big focus on sustainability.

What Is PureLean?

PureLean capsules bottle

PureLean is the weight loss brand behind the range of products offered by Pure Encapsulations. They have over 400 different supplements in total and 13 of these sit under the PureLean brand.

Essentially, PureLean is designed to help with weight management with most consumers using the supplements for weight loss.

They have some products in the range that are very specific such as Melatonin or Vitamin D3 supplements but it is the multi-compound supplements that are going to be the most effective and for those looking to lose weight or burn through body fat more efficiently then these are the products to look at.

The most complete of their supplements is PureLean Nutrients which is badged as a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral for ‘healthy weight management’.

For the majority of this PureLean review we will be focusing on PureLean Nutrients.

Other products of note in the PureLean range include PureLean Fiber, PureLean Protein, PureLean Whey and PureLean Pure Pack. We’ll discuss these shortly.

How PureLean Nutrients Works

PureLean Nutrients is PureLean’s version of a metabolism booster. It aims to do this by using a range of vitamins and minerals derived from natural vegetarian ingredients which can support glucose metabolism and lipid utilization.

PureLean support the compound by citing 10 clinical studies and the supplement itself has a pretty long list of ingredients that promise to promote an increased metabolic rate and in turn help the consumer to burn more fat.

On the face of it, the list of ingredients as a multi-vitamin is impressive and when taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet you are going to ensure your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs for all round health.

The question, however, is whether there is enough going on in there to really elicit a real increase in fat burning potential and whether it will help with the side effects of a calorie deficit – which will still be required if you want to lose weight.

No safe or natural supplement is going to be a magic pill that can make you lose weight. You will need to drop your daily calories consumed below your maintenance level in order to lose weight and reduce fat levels.

This in turn leads to side effects such as greater feelings of hunger, cravings and a lack of energy. Therefore, for a fat loss supplement to really be a viable medium to long term solution it will need to tackle these issues.

The question now is – does PureLean work in this regard?

Let’s take a look at what’s included in PureLean to help us answer this.

PureLean Ingredients

PureLean Ingredients

Each serving consists of 3 capsules which you are directed to take with meals 1-2 times per day. The ingredient list is long so we won’t include everything, but you get Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E and K1 included.

You’ll also have thiamin, niacin, biotin, choline, calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron and then some proprietary blends of MacularSynergy Complex, Metabolic GlycoPlex and Metabolic LipidPlex which are designed to do the bulk of the heavy lifting.

As you can probably see, as a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral, the complex looks fantastic and there is no doubt that you will benefit from taking it. However, the jury is still out on whether that makes this a good weight loss aid.

There are some notable inclusions in the form of zinc, green tea extract and taurine but it doesn’t look like the mix is potent enough to really tackle those nasty hunger pangs, cravings and energy dips that are associated with a calorie deficit.

Compared to some other products we have reviewed (at similar price points to PureLean Nutrients) this does not look a potent enough mix.

PureLean Reviews

Finding reliable consumer reviews of PureLean is not easy. Pure Encapsulations provide no evidence of PureLean reviews on their website and this is sometimes a bit of a warning sign.

If we turn to Amazon we get a bit of a mixed bag with some consumers swearing by the product and others saying that it is a waste of money.

It seems from the user reviews that PureLean can lead to an increase in energy which helps you get through those dips, however the energy it provides is not consistent and it can actually cause energy dips in its own right – a little like what you might experience drinking coffee with an initial high followed by a dip.

Other users have said that it works but not on its own and that taking it with other fat loss supplements helps.

PureLean – Our Experience

We tested PureLean for 3 weeks. We usually test for at least 1 month but the results we had were pretty underwhelming and our tester found it hard to maintain their 500 calorie deficit for much longer with just PureLean Nutrition.

Like the consumer reviews of PureLean showed, our tester did see an initial energy boost when taking it. Our tester is used to tracking their daily food intake and is also used to logging their weight changes on a daily basis. There was no improvement in weight loss when taking the supplement when compared to not taking the supplement.

As mentioned, there was a slight improvement in energy levels and our tester found that splitting the supplement up through the day helped to regulate energy so that there was no dip mid-afternoon. They also supplemented with coffee for caffeine hits to keep them feeling full of energy.

Our tester has previously tested PhenQ and found that PureLean didn’t offer the same benefits as the PhenQ supplement – especially around feelings of fullness. Now you could of course supplement PureLean Nutrients with PureLean Fiber and this would likely help in this regard but then you have the additional cost of a second supplement when PhenQ has this all in one – and from naturally derived and clinically backed ingredients too.

It has to be said that our test was just one person and so the results could well vary for anyone reading this, but our same tester enjoyed much better results with PhenQ and if we had to suggest one over the other then PhenQ would get our vote. It also has a 60 day money back guarantee which

PureLean Pros & Cons

  • Pure Encapsulations are a well known company
  • Uses science backed data
  • Everything is soy, dairy and gluten free
  • Excellent as a multi-vitamin and multi-mineral supplement
  • Some users reported stomach upsets and other minor side effects
  • Doesn’t do much to support hunger
  • Energy levels can be inconsistent when taking
  • We didn’t see any real noticeable results when taking the supplement
  • It’s expensive for what it is

PureLean Alternatives

PhenQ capsules next to bottle

As mentioned, PureLean is expensive and as far as we are concerned it is little more than a high quality multi-vitamin.

This is not a bad thing and it is highly likely that getting your required daily intake of vitamins and minerals will help with all round health and likely have some impact on your eating habits and weight management – but it is not in our opinion offering as much assistance as some other products we have tested previously for weight loss.

Our all-round favorite is PhenQ when it comes to weight loss supplements.

We have tested it time and time again and it continues to top our lists whether it is for fat loss, metabolic boosters and whether it is for men or for women. It has a 60 day money back guarantee (even if you have used a full 2 month’s worth of supplements) and in our testing has the best results.

PhenQ is made up of all natural ingredients, and each of them is backed by clinical studies as to its impact on the body. For anyone who feels the need to boost their metabolism, feel fuller and more energetic then PhenQ is our top alternative to PureLean.


PureLean has an excellent nutritional profile when it comes to essential vitamins and minerals. It also has some great ingredients that look to boost your metabolic rate – however these do not seem to be included in sufficient quantities to bring about results – there are also some very notable omissions from the list of ingredients when it comes to other products we have reviewed.

If PureLean were half the cost then it would probably be worth the investment – but at this price it is comparable from a cost point of view to some far more potent, but equally safe alternatives and for that reason we would have to suggest looking at or at least considering our suggested alternatives.