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PhenQ vs Leanbean

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Can’t decide between PhenQ vs Leanbean? They both claim to help with weight loss – but how do they fare both individually and head to head? The results are in…

It can be tricky losing weight. There are plenty of things that can get in your way, that can make the whole process inefficient, unpleasant, and disheartening. Your energy levels will be at a low ebb, as will your mood, most likely. Your metabolism will likely slow down and hunger pangs can derail the most iron hard willpower.

There is a class of supplements that aim to help, though. They seek to mitigate these side effects.

We are, of course, talking about thermogenic fat burners.

There are plenty of good quality fat burners on the market – a dizzying array, actually. Today, we’ll be looking at two of the best. Today, we’re looking at PhenQ Vs Leanbean.

Quick Verdict: PhenQ Vs Leanbean – Which Is Best?

PhenQ bottle and Leanbean bottle

PhenQ is just about the best thermogenic fat burner on the market. It’s highly dosed, scientifically coherent, incredibly potent, and comes from one of the most reputable supplement manufacturers going. I would recommend it to anyone: it will make any calorie deficit easier to manage and any amount of activity easier to take part in.

This being said, it contains a lot of stimulants. This is a good thing – you get plenty of thermogenesis and energy from its caffeine content. However, this isn’t suitable for everyone.

If you’re looking for a solid, high-quality, low stimulant option, Leanbean is a great alternative.

About PhenQ and Leanbean

Leanbean bottle open with capsules on side

I always like to know a bit about a brand. It’s reassuring to know that a supplement comes from a trusted supplier, that the research team behind it is solid, and that it has a reputation for efficacy.

Luckily, we get all of this and more with both PhenQ and Leanbean.

PhenQ comes from Wolfson Berg Limited, one of the top manufacturers in this market place. They’ve been around for a long time, especially when compared against the supplement market as a whole, and bring out some of the best known, top-shelf health and fitness supplements going.

For example, they are the company behind CrazyBulk, XYZ Smart Collagen, and Phen24 – some of my favorite supplements.

Wolfson Berg are not the only name in town, however. Leanbean is manufactured by Ultimate Life Ltd., a relatively obscure company who nevertheless maintain an impressive roster of high quality supplements.

Their products generally revolve around women’s health, with Leanbean and the PowHer range serving as their flagship products. PowHer is one of the best supplement lines available for improving women’s athletic performance.

Leanbean is generally marketed towards women, though this is a little erroneous – men will benefit from it just the same. It’s a simple matter of branding, realistically.

Both PhenQ and Leanbean come from reputable companies with a penchant for churning out top-quality supplements. But what exactly do these supplements promise?

PhenQ & Leanbean: What They Do

PhenQ capsules next to bottle

As above, PhenQ and Leanbean are two of the best thermogenic fat burners on the market. This means three things, broadly speaking.

Firstly, they should elicit greater rates of thermogenesis. In short, they should boost your metabolism to ensure that you are burning more calories even at rest than you otherwise would. In fact, a good thermogenic fat burner like these can lead to an increase of 50-100 calories burned per day.

This is unlikely to make much of a difference to your weight loss in itself. However, our metabolisms tend to slow down when we restrict our calorie intake. Using a thermogenic supplement like PhenQ or Leanbean will stop this from happening, keeping our metabolisms churning over so that we can lose the weight we want.

Secondly, thermogenic fat burners should lead to a degree of appetite suppression and increased satiation. As you will be looking to run a calorie deficit – i.e., to under-eat – when losing weight, anything that can help you to eat less should be very welcome.

You should be able to avoid hunger pangs and cravings far more ably with both PhenQ and Leanbean.

Finally, it’s common to get a little sluggish and a little foggy headed during a calorie deficit. You will be lacking energy, quite literally. A calorie deficit means denying yourself a sufficient supply of calories, which are units of energy.

You will still need to function in your day-to-day life during a calorie deficit. You will also want to maintain an active lifestyle to optimize your health and weight loss goals.

A good energy burst from a good thermogenic fat burner is therefore very welcome. PhenQ is slightly ahead, here. Leanbean aims at a low-stimulant formula. This is great for those who are oversensitive to caffeine. However, PhenQ will allow everyone else to make the most of their weight loss journey.

The formulas: How do they compare?

I’ll make no bones about the fact that I prefer PhenQ to Leanbean. I actually prefer it to pretty much every other weight loss supplement out there – it’s fantastic. However, there is a lot of detail to take into account before we can happily succumb to such widely sweeping statements.

These details mostly lie in the ingredients list, the formula, the thing that does all the work. After all, a good supplement is only ever the sum of its parts; a great one is greater than the sum of its parts, but that’s a conversation for a different day.

There is actually a little shared DNA between PhenQ and Leanbean. They use a couple of the most common thermogenic and weight loss ingredients available.

Where the ingredients overlap

PhenQ’s and Leanbean’s formulae are very different to one another. However, as above, there are a couple of elements that they have in common.

Firstly, they both make use of chromium picolinate. This is a mineral that helps your body to better regulate its blood glucose levels. In doing so, they mitigate sugar peaks and crashes. This means fewer energy dips and hunger pangs as your body remains far stabler than it otherwise would.

PhenQ includes 10 mcg of chromium picolinate in its formula, which is respectable. Leanbean goes a step further, however, with 35 mcg. This is more respectable.

Both also use piperine extract, though this isn’t surprising. Any supplement worth its name uses some form of piperine, or black pepper, extract. Its main use is in increasing the bioavailability in any supplement of all of that supplements other ingredients. Basically, your body will be able to absorb and use everything far more efficiently when there is piperine in the mix.

There is also some evidence suggesting that piperine is a decent thermogenic compound in itself. However, it pales compared to other ingredients in these supplements, so we can very much consider this a secondary role.

PhenQ contains 3 mg of piperine, whilst Leanbean contains 5 mg. Both are very usable amounts.

This is where the similarities end. From here on out, the formulae begin to look a lot different.

unique PhenQ Ingredients

PhenQ ingredients on bottle

PhenQ’s ingredients list is excellent. It reads like a who’s-who of thermogenic, weight loss ingredients, with some of the best of the best included in its make-up. Everything is natural, vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, filler and additive free, and well dosed.

Firstly, you get a lot of stimulation with PhenQ. This comes from 142.5 mg of caffeine anhydrous – about the same caffeine volume as a couple of shots of espresso.

However, caffeine anhydrous is a particularly potent form. It’s also one of the best thermogenic ingredients, boosting your metabolism to get through extra calories.

This is backed up by 8 mg of capsicum extract, another potent thermogenic ingredient. It’s taken from pepper, generally cayenne, and is known for its ability to greatly enhance energy expenditure and weight loss.

Third, you get 150 mg of l-carnitine fumarate. Quite often, we find it hard to lose weight quickly because we can’t naturally accelerate our fat metabolization rate, which is where l-carnitine fumarate comes into play. It helps our bodies to convert excess fat into energy.

We also get a bit of a boost from 4.5 mg of niacin powder, or vitamin B3. It gives your body more natural energy, allowing you to stay sharp and get those big workouts in whilst still maintaining a good calorie deficit.

All good thermogenic fat burners give you a good dose of fibre, too. It’s often sorely lacking in a restricted eating plan, which is a shame. It’s good for your overall health, your gut health, your digestive health, and your cholesterol levels, all of which will contribute to weight loss. It also expands in your stomach, aiding satiation and thus further keeping hunger pangs at bay.

You get 20 mg of the high-quality fibre nopal in each serving of PhenQ.

Finally, we have what is arguably the main event – 25 mg of the patented a-Lacy’s Reset. It’s a big hitter, clinically proven both to help your body to burn more fat whilst also putting on more muscle mass, making it perfect for anybody looking for a recomp.

unique Leanbean Ingredients

Leanbean Ingredients Label

Though the PhenQ formula is strong, there are still some great facets to Leanbean’s list that make it a clear frontrunner of its kind. It boasts far more active ingredients than PhenQ, alongside some more impressive dosing.

Firstly, it uses a solid vitamin and mineral complex to ensure metabolic health. These include 1.7 mg of vitamin B6, 2.4 mg of vitamin B12, and 11 mg of zinc. Together, these should maintain your metabolism at a healthy rate whilst also enabling more efficiency metabolization of fats and carbs.

You also get 82.5 mg of choline with each dose of Leanbean. It is primarily used for balancing cholesterol levels by helping to remove ‘bad’ cholesterol from the body. However, our bodies cannot produce sufficient supplies – or optimal supplies, rather – and so an exogenous source like this is always welcome.

Leanbean also makes use of just about the best form of fibre going – konjac root, or glucomannan. It’s fantastic stuff, able to swell to up to fifty times its starting size in the stomach. This means you’ll get all the benefits of a high fibre diet – improved cholesterol, improved digestive and gut health, and so on – alongside some quite formidable appetite suppression.

You get 3000 mg of glucomannan in Leanbean, which has been clinically proven to be the most effective dose.

There are also some interesting and potent botanicals involved in Leanbean’s formula.

You get 100 mg of garcinia cambogia extract, whose dense concentration of hydroxycitric acid will support increased fat burning potential and weight loss. You also get 50 mg of green coffee extract.

Though this contains caffeine, thus putting the lie to Leanbean’s supposed stimulant-free formula, it’s only a small amount. You don’t get much caffeine. Rather, the green coffee bean extract is here for its chlorogenic acid, which has been linked with improved healthy body composition.

Leanbean also contains 50 mg of turmeric. It’s rich in antioxidants, which will bring a whole host of health benefits, and is a well-known thermogenic compound. Finally, you get 20 mg of acai berry extract. This will further aid your digestive system, in part by delivering more fibre (though this pales in comparison to the glucomannan).

Which Formula Is Best?

This is a tricky one. There is no doubt that Leanbean’s formula looks better on paper. It is fuller, with a far richer, more varied list of ingredients. Everything is also dosed incredibly well, with highly effective quantities of everything included.

There is no ignoring glucomannan, either. It’s just about the best fibre source for overall health and weight loss, and you get the perfect quantity in every Leanbean serving.

However, there are a few snags. Two of them revolve around caffeine.

Firstly, Leanbean doesn’t contain enough caffeine to be truly effective. Caffeine is amongst the best thermogenic ingredients going. The amount included in PhenQ will do a lot of the work by itself, giving you far greater fat burning potential whilst also giving you all the energy, mental, and physical health benefits inherent to it.

Secondly, Leanbean contains too much caffeine. It bills itself as being stimulant-free. If it wants to claim this, it needs to have no caffeine at all. 50 mg is 50 mg too few. It’s not enough to make too much of a difference to your weight loss goals, but it’s too much for someone looking for a stimulant-free supplement to stomach.

Caffeine isn’t the only thermogenic compound making a difference, here. It’s one of the top two thermogenic ingredients. The other is capsicum, or cayenne pepper extract. PhenQ contains plenty of it. This means that you should expect a far greater fat burning boost from it than you can expect from Leanbean.

Leanbean offers more than PhenQ. However, its formula is slightly (if only very slightly) confused, and PhenQ delivers far more where it counts.

Using PhenQ Vs Leanbean

PhenQ capsules in open bottle

This is all on paper, however. Anything can look good in writing. But what are they actually like to live with?

Which will give better results?

I happen to have used them both extensively in the past. In brief, I can tell you that I much prefer PhenQ for a few reasons. I like the energy boost, though I’m a true coffee lover, so this isn’t a surprise.

I also found my overall, long lasting energy levels were higher, especially during intense physical exercise, and that my metabolism seemed to be working more effectively when taking it.

This being said, I also like Leanbean.

The results are less spectacular. You don’t feel as well off on it. However, I’m a real snacker. Cravings and hunger pangs get to me when I run a calorie deficit.

My digestive health can also suffer.

Glucomannan is the answer – it’s just about the only thing able to fully curb my appetite, and I can rest assured that I will get every benefit going that fibre has to offer whilst taking it.

There are few side effects to worry about with either. All ingredients are natural, with nothing nasty hidden.

There are some caveats to this, though. As I said, I’m big into coffee. I take in a lot of caffeine every day. I am therefore confident in my ability to take it; PhenQ works well for me. If you are sensitive to caffeine in any way, you may not get on with it so well. Even those used to taking caffeine may want to cut their intake in elsewhere.

Excessive caffeine consumption can lead to anxiety, insomnia, jitters, nausea and digestive discomfort, rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure, among other things.

This being said, the dosing isn’t crazy in PhenQ – there are far stronger products out there.

You are supposed to take two PhenQ capsule daily, ideally once with breakfast and once with lunch. I would stick to this – going much after 2-3 pm may interfere with your sleep patterns. Also, sticking to this dosing will allow you to get a full month out of each bottle.

Leanbean shouldn’t give you any problems. It is one of the safest thermogenic compounds I’ve ever seen. The tiny caffeine content will mean that pretty much anyone can take it without worrying (though those with severe caffeine sensitivity, and pregnant or breastfeeding women, should steer clear of it).

It’s gentle, unproblematic, and thoroughly healthy. The only issue I can see is overdoing fibre intake, which can lead to digestive issues and stomach upset. However, you’re unlikely to do this on the glucomannan included unless you’re getting excessive fibre elsewhere.

You have to take far more capsules than with PhenQ – it is well-dosed, after all, which comes with a certain volume. You need to take a couple of capsules three times daily, ideally half an hour before each main meal. It’s a bit of extra hassle, but it shouldn’t be too onerous. A single bottle will last you a month.


PhenQ bottle

I much prefer PhenQ. It’s one of my favorite supplements of all time. I can think of few supplements that fulfill their brief so admirably – it’s a potent, high-quality thermogenic fat burner, capable of boosting and optimizing your metabolism, curbing hunger pangs and cravings, improving digestive health, and giving you a good energy boost.

It does all this with some of the best ingredients going.

This isn’t to snub Leanbean, however. As I said above, I’ve used both before, ignoring Leanbean’s pointedly female marketing. Both have given me great results. I personally prefer the energy kick that comes with PhenQ.

The combination of caffeine anhydrous and capsicum is simply too hard to beat. However, if you don’t want much of an energy kick, Leanbean is perfect.

Leanbean is also perfect for those struggling to maintain a calorie deficit. And, let’s face it, the calorie deficit is by far the most important part of any weight loss program. If you struggle with cravings and hunger pangs, that glucomannan may well be a godsend.

I like PhenQ the most, but they are both excellent products that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anybody.