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PhenQ PM Review

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We work hard on losing weight each day. But do you have nighttime covered? PhenQ PM does. Check out this PhenQ PM review and see how it performed in our trial.

Weight loss can be pretty rough. It’s difficult to pull off for many, and the whole process is full of pitfalls. However, there is a lot we can do to smooth out the process a little. Supplements can be a great starting point – anything to help you stick to your calorie deficit with your metabolic function where you want it, whilst keeping you healthy and well.

This is where Wolfson Brands’ PhenQ PM comes into its own – it’s a brilliant nighttime weight loss support that aims to make everything about your weight loss journey easier and more efficient, with fewer side effects, all whilst helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Quick Verdict On PhenQ PM – Does It Work?

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PhenQ PM is a great weight loss aid. It won’t do the work for you – no natural supplements do, and indeed few pharmaceutical interventions will do a perfect job.

However, paired with a healthy diet, complete with a modest calorie deficit, and in conjunction with an active, healthy lifestyle, it can work wonders. You will find yourself less stressed and better rested on it, making everything else to do with your weight loss journey that much easier.

And it’s also good at supporting weight loss in its own right, giving my own efforts a solid boost.

What is PhenQ PM?

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PhenQ PM is a dietary supplement specifically designed to support weight loss and promote healthy sleep. I’ve used it myself before, as well as its big brother, the standard PhenQ, and am a fan of both.

PhenQ PM is essentially a nighttime version of PhenQ (the clue’s in the title, after all) and it brings similar benefits to bear, just with a focus on nighttime use.

PhenQ PM is developed and manufactured by Wolfson Brands Limited, one of my all-time favorite supplement companies.

They are behind several of my favorite supplements, including the likes of NooCube, my favorite nootropic, and TestoPrime, one of my go-to testosterone boosters.

Pretty much everything they bring out leads the market in its niche, testament to their enduring quality – a quality they have clearly brought to the table with PhenQ PM.

PhenQ PM’s main role is in helping you to achieve your weight loss goals by targeting two key areas – nighttime fat burning and sleep support. As proper sleep is crucial to any weight loss journey, and to overall health and wellbeing more broadly, this makes far more sense to the casual dieter than it might sound.

It combines ingredients known for their thermogenic properties and sleep-enhancing effects, creating a synergistic formula to aid weight loss efforts during sleep – a formula that I’ve always found works very well.

The night-time fat burning aspect at work in PhenQ is decent and well-rounded, with some surprisingly robust clinical data underpinning its ingredients (the modern supplement market isn’t always known for following the science so rigorously!).

It’s made up in part by several metabolism-boosting ingredients. These ingredients work to increase the body’s metabolic rate and promote fat oxidation, helping you to burn more calories even while at rest.

It’s a thermogenic fat burner, and thermogenics have been shown to help in raising the body’s total energy expenditure by a small yet potentially significant 50-100 calories daily. By supporting the body’s natural fat-burning processes, PhenQ PM aims to optimize weight loss efforts during sleep.

I would add a word of caution here. There is no magic pill for weight loss – at least, not without going to pharmaceutical grade options. You will not lose weight by keeping everything about your diet and lifestyle the same and simply popping a few PhenQ PMs. Definitely not.

Rather, you need a solid calorie deficit in place – a daily deficit of around 500 calories should suffice for around about a pound’s weight loss each week. Ideally, you should bring plenty of these calories from healthy fats and lean proteins, and you should try to pair your calorie deficit with an active lifestyle, ideally with some form of resistance training in there.

This is your baseline, without which you won’t be likely to succeed in your weight loss efforts.

With this in place, however, you should start to see results. And a good thermogenic fat burner can come into play as the cherry on the top, optimizing calorie burn (which can often slow down on a calorie deficit as your body seeks to retain energy) and getting rid of plenty of the side effects associated with running a restricted eating plan.

In addition to its weight loss benefits, PhenQ PM also contains ingredients that support healthy sleep. These sleep-enhancing ingredients help to promote relaxation, reduce feelings of stress, and support a restful night’s sleep.

Quality sleep is crucial for overall wellbeing and plays a significant role in weight management. It can often suffer during a weight loss program as food cravings and heightened anxiety kick in.

Overall, PhenQ PM is a comprehensive dietary supplement designed to support weight loss efforts and promote healthy sleep. With its combination of scientifically backed ingredients, it aims to provide individuals with a holistic approach to weight management, addressing both daytime and nighttime aspects.

Don’t treat it as a magic pill or solution. Treat it instead as one more tool in your belt as you seek to optimize weight loss and mitigate some of the side effects associated with restricted eating. Viewed like this – used like this – it can be incredibly helpful. I’ve always found it to be.

What can PhenQ PM do for you?

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The main thing PhenQ is looking to do is, of course, help you to lose weight. Or, rather, it is meant to augment your weight loss efforts once your ducks are in a row – once your calorie deficit is in place, and once you’ve got a good, active lifestyle in place.

There is a little more subtlety to this, of course. There are two main strands at work from PhenQ PM.

First, we have the thermogenic benefits. I quite like thermogenic supplements – I hesitate to call them ‘fat burners’. They have the potential to boost your daily calorie consumption by around 50-100.

This isn’t much. You need to cut 500 calories or thereabouts each day for sustained weight loss of around 1 lb (or about 0.5 kg) per week. But it’s a nice touch, an extra little boost.

More likely, however, is that your energy expenditure will dip a little as you cut calories. A thermogenic fat burner can make up for this dip, making sure that your calorie deficit works as planned.

Individual ingredients may offer a range of benefits (though I’ll go into these in more detail below). There are some added weight loss benefits at play, too. I would like a little more data on them before making a wholehearted judgement about their efficacy; however, I’ve used several thermogenic supplements over the years, including both PhenQ PM and its OG brother, PhenQ, and have always done well out of them.

For instance, whilst using PhenQ PM in the run up to writing this article, I ran the standard deficit and regimen I always do for cutting back on a little body fat. In short, this means keeping my training and overall activity largely the same (lifting weights several days per week, practicing yoga, and walking plenty) though at lesser intensities, all whilst keeping to a 500-calorie daily deficit.

This generally leads to a half kilogram or so of weight loss for me per week, though this can often be a little less. If I should expect to lose about 3 kg over a six-week cut, I might often see more like 2 kg.

It was 3.5 kg using PhenQ PM, which tells me all I need to know about its ability to promote healthy weight loss.

In addition, PhenQ PM helps support healthy sleep. The supplement contains natural ingredients known to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety, including the likes of ashwagandha and hops extract.

By reducing stress and anxiety, PhenQ PM can help you to fall asleep faster, remain asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

I love this element. I struggle to stay asleep through the night at times. This only gets worse during a calorie deficit, when you’re a little bit hungry and your kitchen beckons, and when you’re likely a little more stressed and anxious than normal – I generally am when having to run a calorie deficit.

With PhenQ PM, I was able to regularly sleep a full 6-8 hours each night without disturbance (my three-year-old’s nighttime whims notwithstanding), which is pretty rare for me.

The amino acids in PhenQ PM are known for their relaxation and sleep-enhancing effects. You’ll hopefully experience improved sleep quality and reduced anxiety, and PhenQ PM will help undo the negative effects at work with insomnia.

PhenQ PM is made from ingredients that are broadly scientifically justified. This isn’t the case across the board, and many claims are exaggerated in this kind of supplement. However, PhenQ PM is still pretty good.

How Do you Take PhenQ PM?

PhenQ PM is also easy to use. It is available in capsule form, of which you need to take two around half an hour before going to bed.

It works pretty quickly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits on offer after just a couple of days. All this, and PhenQ PM is safe and unlikely to cause side effects – minimal side effects were reported during several trials, and I personally experienced none.

PhenQ PM ingredients

PhenQ PM Ingredients label

All of these benefits come, of course, from a pretty stellar list of ingredients, including some of my all-time favorites. Everything works well synergistically, giving you various benefits that can contribute to your overall weight loss journey.

Firstly, we have several amino acids, all of which offer some pretty potent benefits.

For example, l-arginine is an essential amino acid that has shown promising effects in boosting growth hormone levels by up to 100%.

This increase in growth hormone helps to maintain a high metabolic rate during the night, allowing your body to continue burning calories even while you sleep.

Then there is l-lysine HCL, which plays a vital role in supporting carnitine production. Carnitine is key for converting fat into energy, which will naturally help with healthy weight loss.

By promoting stored fat conversion into usable energy, l-lysine HCL can provide you with the extra kick you need to go about your daily life with a bit of pep.

The amino acid phenylalanine comes with some decent appetite-suppressing properties. It stimulates GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) release, which helps to reduce your appetite, with some obvious benefits to your overall body composition.

Then there are two of my favorite nootropic ingredients, two amino acids you’ll regularly see in some of the better nootropic supplements out there – l-theanine and l-tyrosine.

L-theanine is commonly found in green tea leaves, and is one of the reasons I drink a mug or two of green tea every day. It’s well known for its stress-reducing properties.

Stress is often a hindrance to weight loss efforts, as it can trigger late-night snacking or emotional eating – two of my own personal big pitfalls in trying to keep my nutrient intake within reasonable bounds. L-theanine eases the brain into a relaxed state, similar to the calming effect achieved through meditation, preparing your mind for deep sleep where the bulk of your weight loss will happen.

L-tyrosine acts as a building block for dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of satisfaction and reward. Many people who struggle with overeating often seek the psychological fulfilment that dopamine provides – again, a big pitfall of mine.

By promoting dopamine synthesis, l-tyrosine can help to reduce your need to emotionally eat, making it far, far easier to keep a good calorie deficit in place.

Vitamins and minerals play a large part in PhenQ’s success, too.

For instance, chromium is pivotal in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, preventing sudden cravings, and helping to keep those late-night urges at bay – honestly, I didn’t feel the need to visit my fridge at all in the early hours whilst taking PhenQ PM, which was a big, big deal for me.

Molybdenum is a trace mineral that supports the body’s natural detoxification process by eliminating harmful toxins that can impede overall bodily functions, including cortisol build-up, which is associated with weight gain.

Selenium, an essential mineral, plays a crucial role in supporting thyroid function. A healthy thyroid is key to regulating metabolism and creating an optimal environment for efficient fat burning. You will not be able to lose weight with your thyroid working sub-par.

B vitamins do a lot of heavy lifting here. Biotin, or vitamin B7, helps in boosting your resting metabolism. This means keeping your calorie burn where it should be during a deficit – no small thing, given your body will often use less energy during a deficit than normal.

Vitamin B1 is necessary to help in transforming fats and carbohydrates into energy, ensuring that your body efficiently burns calories throughout the day. Working alongside B1, vitamin B5 helps to keep your stress levels at manageable levels, bringing peaceful feelings and priming your body for restful sleep, where fat burning is enhanced, and once more reducing the urge to emotionally eat.

Vitamin B6 aids in metabolizing fat and reducing water weight, while deficiency may lead to increased cravings for sugary foods. Vitamin B12, known for its influence on energy levels, has been linked to both overweight and obesity risks, with lower levels associated with higher risks.

We also have folic acid, or vitamin B9, is critical for maintaining energy levels. Since the body does not store folic acid reserves, regular ingestion becomes necessary to experience its beneficial effects on energy and overall wellbeing.

Vitamin D3, often known as the sunshine vitamin, supports mood and hormone regulation. Adequate levels can help alleviate low moods and promote positivity during your weight loss journey.

Men in particular need to worry about their vitamin D intake, as it is very closely tied to testosterone output (which, in turn, is closely related to body composition and fat burning).

Finally, we have a good dose of vitamin C, a perfect immune booster that has also shown some tentative promise for accelerating fat loss and boosting energy levels.

It’s a fantastic ingredients list. It may look a little disjointed at first – we don’t often see some of these ingredients together. However, this speaks to PhenQ PM’s dual nature as both a weight loss and sleep aid.

And, with these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see a lot to love. Of course, individual results may vary. Each ingredient’s efficacy and scientific justification varies.

However, as an overall formula, it looks incredibly good. It feels good, too – I had a great time using it, losing weight with less effort than normal whilst enjoying good sleep for the duration.


I like PhenQ PM. I’ve used other supplements in the PhenQ line, and plenty of other supplements from Wolfson Brands, and all have been very, very good at what they’re designed to do.

PhenQ PM falls into this nicely – it’s a solid, scientifically well-justified supplement and a solution to a problem that many weight loss dieters face.

In short, it will bolster your body’s own fat burning capabilities by a small amount, inducing both added thermogenesis whilst also keeping your appetite down, among other benefits.

And though it’s a small amount, it’s very significant – it won’t do the work for you, but as I found, it will heighten the benefits offered by a good weight loss regime. At the same time, it will lead to better sleep and relaxation, meaning lower stress levels, meaning a far greater likelihood of sticking to a calorie deficit and staying healthy and well as you do so.

It’s solid, it really is.