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Mounjaro Alternatives

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Mounjaro is a prescriptive medication that effectively helps with blood sugar regulation, energy levels, and ultimately weight loss – but you may not be eligible, and it does come with side effects. Here we show you the very best natural Mounjaro alternatives, which you can buy today.

Mounjaro (tirzepatide) is a prescription medicine for adults suffering with type 2 diabetes and, potentially, obesity, to be used along with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar (glucose).

And the manufacturers make a big point of this, much to their credit. It’s to be used as one facet of a healthy, active lifestyle. More power to them.

However, it’s still a prescription medication, meaning most of us cannot get our hands on it, and also that it may come with some unwanted side effects.

If you’re looking for something to help with your body composition, potentially with diabetes in mind, and you’re ineligible for Mounjaro, or simply want a natural solution, you may want to consider turning to thermogenic fat burners for women – a breed of supplement specifically designed to make your weight loss journey more effective, more efficient, and far easier, with far fewer side effects.

I’m a big fan of them, so have collected together some of my favorites below for your consideration to use instead of Mounjaro.

Quick Verdict: Best Alternative To Mounjaro

PhenQ Bottle

I’ve got to give it to PhenQ. Run it alongside a good calorie deficit, with plenty of protein and a moderate amount of complex carbs and healthy fats, and you should see the results you need.

Your body fat levels should fall even as your overall health and wellbeing shoots up. PhenQ will help to mitigate the worst of the side effects associated with weight loss dieting – hunger, low energy, sluggish metabolism, brain fog, and so on – just about better than any other supplement going.

The cherry is that this supplement is completely natural and available without prescription.

What is Mounjaro?

Mounjaro packaging

Mounjaro is a trade name for a form of the medication tirzepatide, which was developed by Eli Lilly and Company to address the complex needs of patients suffering with type 2 diabetes.

It’s an injection that offers a potent and effective way to better manage blood sugar levels and, as part of this, for losing weight – the two come hand in hand.

It’s designed to give lasting results, unlike more traditional forms of diabetes medication.

It should help patients to achieve a healthy bodyweight level, with healthy levels of body fat, which should either relieve symptoms or sometimes even reverse type 2 diabetes diagnoses.

Mounjaro is not just another standard diabetes treatment. It represents a breakthrough in medical science as a dual glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide receptor and glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist.

This dual-action mechanism sets Mounjaro apart, actively targeting the unique challenges posed by type 2 diabetes with remarkable precision.

It also brings a bit of a novel approach to weight loss. It makes use of two potent receptor agonists that are administered via injection into the skin. These agonists in turn slow down gastric emptying (your stomach emptying itself, after which you will experience hunger signals), giving you a longer time feeling full after meals.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should rely on Mounjaro for your weight loss. It’s a tool, one of several. You will be eating less than normal, but you will want to make sure that the calories you do take in are high-quality ones – lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains, and healthy fats.

You will also want to lead an active lifestyle, ideally with some form of resistance training. This will ensure that you don’t lose too much muscle as you lose fat, which is typically a problem with rapid weight loss (or any kind of weight loss, for that matter).

However, with all of this in place, Mounjaro should give you some truly incredibly results.

The benefits of Mounjaro

Mounjaro (tirzepatide) offers several benefits, particularly for those with type 2 diabetes – their target. You take it once weekly – which is a relief, as it’s an injection – after which you have a full week’s benefits to enjoy.

These benefits include the likes of lower blood sugar levels, reduced appetite, improved insulin sensitivity, and potentially prevention of kidney disease and cardiovascular complications.

These will all help to mitigate or even eradicate symptoms of type 2 diabetes, potentially far more readily than the insulin shots traditionally used as treatment.

And, of course, Mounjaro’s ability to curb your appetite means that it can help you to lose weight, making it perfect both for those with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

It works by activating two hormone receptors that help regulate blood sugar levels and appetite. By enhancing insulin sensitivity and controlling appetite, Mounjaro provides a comprehensive approach to managing type 2 diabetes, supporting glycemic control and potential weight loss efforts.

There is a good body of data underpinning Mounjaro’s clinical validity and efficacy – it’s an approved medication available now in plenty of jurisdictions, having gone through plenty of screening and tests, both animal and human.

Studies have shown it to be an effective and relatively safe medicine – though there are potential downsides, which we’ll look at now.

Side effects & risks of Mounjaro use

There is a reason Mounjaro is a prescriptive medication. A doctor will be able to advise whether or not it would be beneficial for you to take, with such benefits outweighing a number of potential risks and pitfalls to consider.

Some common side effects associated with the use of Mounjaro include nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. These digestive symptoms can be temporary and tend to subside over time, and they can be managed by slowly introducing the drug, monitoring the dosage, thus ensuring a gradual adjustment to the medication.

We also have the obstacle of an injection as the form of administering Mounjaro. Though it’s only a weekly injection, and could be worse, one per week is still quite a lot.

Mounjaro injections may lead to injection site reactions, including redness, pain, or swelling. Though these effects are generally mild and short lived, you will still want to keep an eye on them and consider talking it through with your healthcare provider if symptoms persist.

Mounjaro works on gastric emptying and appetite regulation, suppressing your appetite and potentially leading to weight loss. This is often a good thing – type 2 diabetes often comes hand in hand with obesity.

However, you will need to ensure you end up within a healthy range, without dipping below a BMI of around 19 or so. Your healthcare provider will also need to monitor this.

This action on gastric emptying can also bring about stomach problems, sometimes severe. Similarly, gallbladder concerns have been reported by those using Mounjaro. Symptoms may include abdominal pain, fever, yellowing of your skin or eyes (jaundice), and clay-colored stools.

You’re also looking at a pretty harsh drug designed to manipulate insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. This has in rare cases led to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Hypoglycemia can cause symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, sweating, and even loss of consciousness. You should monitor your blood sugar levels consistently whilst taking it – though if you have type 2 diabetes, you will likely be doing this anyway.

As with any medication, there is a possibility of allergic reactions to Mounjaro. Serious allergic reactions are rare, though they do happen – reactions can include difficulty breathing, rash, or swelling of the face, lips, or tongue. You should seek immediate medical attention if you suffer with any allergic reactions.

Finally, you may experience changes in vision whilst taking Mounjaro. Again, speak to your healthcare provider if this happens to you.

If you are considering the use of Mounjaro, you will need to discuss your medical history and any pre-existing conditions with your healthcare provider. This is non-negotiable, as certain medical conditions, such as pancreatitis or thyroid disorders, may warrant caution.

Also, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, your healthcare provider will need to know.

Our favorite natural alternatives

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of side effects to consider with Mounjaro. And perhaps more obviously for most of us, Mounjaro is prescription-only – it’s illegal, and unsafe, to be taking it without your doctor’s permission.

Which is why natural thermogenic fat burners can be a tremendously effective alternative – they too work at helping our bodies achieve weight loss, including with appetite suppression.

We’ve tested many products here at WellStart Health, and discovered these top performers – all-natural, and available direct from each brand. Of course, we continue to advise you to speak with your healthcare provider first, especially if you have any medical conditions or concerns.


PhenQ capsules in hand next to bottle

If we’re talking about natural alternatives to Mounjaro, we’re really talking about thermogenic fat burners.

Thermogenic fat burners should give your metabolism a small boost, though this is generally less important than their ancillary benefits – they should help to undo many of the side effects associated with running a calorie deficit, including hunger pangs, low energy, brain fog, stress, anxiety, and so on.

And, if you’re looking at thermogenic fat burners, you really can’t do much better than PhenQ.

It’s the best of the best.

PhenQ is made by Wolfson Brands Limited, one of my favorite supplement companies (they are also behind NooCube, my favorite nootropic, and well-known brands like the CrazyBulk line). They’re based in the UK, in Glasgow, but ship worldwide.

PhenQ’s formula is almost perfect, a brilliant list of ingredients designed to supercharge your metabolism whilst also making everything about running a calorie deficit far easier and more effective, with far fewer side effects.

α-Lacys Reset is what sets it apart from the crowd. It’s a patented blend that combines alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. With these, it can bolster your metabolism and increase thermogenesis, helping the body to burn more calories and fat.

This is backed up by Capsimax powder, which is a potent concentration of red pepper extract – a perfect powerhouse for reducing your calorie intake with a feeling of fullness, while simultaneously working to help increase calorie burn.

We’re also treated to some caffeine here, which has long been one of my favorite weight loss aids. Known for its stimulant properties, of course, caffeine does a lot of the work in increasing energy levels, working as a nootropic to enhance focus, promoting fat burning as a top-tier thermogenic ingredient, and reducing your appetite, making it far easier to keep to a calorie deficit.

Then we have InnoSlim, which combines with α-Lacys Reset to make PhenQ a market leader. It’s a very clever blend of ginseng and astragalus, proven to bolster weight loss by balancing hormones towards shedding fat, limiting carbohydrate absorption, and aiding with glucose metabolism.

PhenQ also makes use of minerals chromium picolinate and iodine.

Chromium picolinate helps to regulate blood sugar levels and control cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, potentially aiding in weight management. It’s a particularly good one for those looking to mitigate diabetes symptoms.

Iodine meanwhile is necessary for healthy thyroid function, which in turn is absolutely essential for metabolic health.

PhenQ also includes a decent dose of fiber. Nopal, derived from the prickly pear cactus, is very high in fiber and can help to control appetite, reduce fluid retention, and support healthy digestion, all of which are often sorely needed during any weight loss diet.

B vitamins are essential for energy creation and weight loss. However, it’s common enough for most of us to be deficient in them.

PhenQ plugs this gap by giving us B3, B6, and B12. All told, these should help to support your metabolism and enhance energy production, going a long way towards overcoming diet-induced fatigue as you lose weight.

Finally, we have the amino acid l-carnitine fumarate, which plays a role in converting stored fat into energy, potentially aiding in weight loss and reducing fatigue.

PhenQ ingredients on bottle

It’s a genuinely impressive list, nearly in a class of its own. And it brings an impressive array of benefits to bear. Firstly, it should help to boost the body’s metabolism and thermogenesis, supporting stored fat burning and thus helping you to achieve their weight loss goals.

It works from the other direction, too, suppressing your appetite, so that you eat less even as you burn fractionally more. It helps by controlling cravings and reducing the desire to overeat, making it far easier to stick to your calorie deficit.

It’s great. Of course, it’s no magic bullet. Nothing on this list is. Nor is Mounjaro itself.

Rather, they are all designed to make it easier for you to stick to a calorie deficit, undoing many of the harsh side effects this kind of diet can often bring, whilst ensuring that your body is best placed for burning excess fat.

And PhenQ manages all of this better than most.

Capsiplex Trim

Capsiplex Trim capsules next to bottle

Capsiplex Trim is made in the same mold as PhenQ – honestly, most thermogenics share similar basic DNA, with only a few added details making the difference.

In fact, it’s even made by the same people – Wolfson Brands make PhenQ, Capsiplex Trim, and many others.

However, there are of course some differences that set it apart quite nicely.

The main bulk is similar. You get Capsimax in Capsiplex Trim, which is a patented blend including capsicum, designed and mixed to give you a fantastic thermogenic kick.

Capsiplex Trim also makes really good use of InnoSlim as another of its key ingredients, really making the most of the ginseng and astragalus, both perfect for supporting fat reduction and glucose metabolism, making it easier for the body to manage weight.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without caffeine to give it some punch. It will bolster your energy levels and concentration, whilst also bringing its own thermogenic benefits to bear.

I like their use of arginine, or L-arginine, which should back up this caffeine nicely. It’s an amino acid, so a building block of protein, making it worthwhile for anybody looking to build or maintain muscle mass.

However, it may also give you a boost to blood flow and circulation. This means potentially more energy and greater athleticism, both of which are sorely needed during any calorie deficit.

Then you get a pretty comprehensive list of vitamins and minerals, all with their own unique roles to play. Vitamins B6 (pyridoxine) and B9 (folate) are vital for energy metabolism. They help the body convert food into fuel, which is then used to produce energy, making them a great addition to this list.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant needed for body tissue growth and repair, whilst vitamin D is central to maintaining healthy bones, hormone balance, and immune function.

We’re also offered some calcium in this supplement, which goes a long way towards this improvement to bone health, whilst also aiding muscle function.

Iron backs up the arginine nicely, aiding transportation of oxygen throughout the body whilst playing a key role in red blood cell creation.

Iodine is essential for thyroid health, which in turn is central to metabolic health and energy production. Finally, zinc helps to balance hormones, whilst also playing a role in immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division – it’s not to be trifled with or underestimated.

Finally, we get a good shot of black pepper extract, standardized for piperine, both for its ability to enhance other ingredients’ bioavailability, and for its own inherent thermogenic properties.

It’s a solid list that should give you similar results to PhenQ.

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn capsules

I want to bring you something slightly different – slightly, that is. It still shares a lot in common with the others. However, Hunter Burn, by Roar Ambition Ltd. (another personal favorite supplement company of mine), diverges in a couple of ways.

First up, we have konjac root. Now this is a fantastic start, because it contains the soluble dietary fiber glucomannan, which is a bit of a champion of the weight loss world.

It can swell up to fifty times its starting size in your stomach, aiding satiation and digestive health. It does the same job as nopal, only perhaps slightly better.

Hunter Burn also includes cayenne pepper – as a solo ingredient, rather than as part of a blend, but no less potent for it. This means thermogenesis to a level which few ingredients can reach. Plus you get vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, which surprisingly to some, can also support fat loss by boosting metabolism and increasing thermogenesis.

White kidney bean extract is a pretty clever choice. It’s used in Hunter Burn for its ability to potentially block carbohydrate uptake – it may reduce the amount of starch your body takes on after a meal meaning, of course, fewer calories taken in. It should go some way towards ensuring your calorie deficit.

L-theanine supports this incredibly well. Again, l-theanine is a bit of a darling of the nootropic world. It’s an amino acid found in green tea which can reduce stress and improve focus and mental clarity.

Not directly related to weight loss, then. However, brain fog and anxiety are both often big deals during any weight loss diet (they have threatened to tank cuts for me before), so, honestly, it’s a good shout.

Finally, though, we need to talk about matcha green tea, which is a key part of the Hunter Burn formula. It contains caffeine and a compound known as EGCG which has been shown to increase the metabolism and fat burning.

These compounds together, EGCG and caffeine, are an incredibly potent prospect.

Hunter Burn is a little different, though it still runs off the same base ingredients and theory as the rest. And, honestly, I really, really like it.

Why is a natural Mounjaro alternative a good idea?

Ultimately, Mounjaro is prescription only. Your doctor will only have you take Mounjaro if the benefits outweigh the risks – and as we’ve seen, it certainly comes with side effects that need serious consideration. If you’re a good candidate for Mounjaro, you should definitely raise your case with your healthcare provider.

If your healthcare provider feels it’s not the best option for you, then you still have options. Decent, safe, all-natural and over-the-counter options that are these thermogenic fat burner supplements.

We still strongly recommend anyone with a medical condition to check with their doctor before starting any new supplement regime. But here, we’ve trialed and presented some decent supplements that do not merely work toward ‘fat loss’ alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle, but tackle all the challenges that come with trying to achieve your weight loss goals, too.

You’ll often be told that non-chemical solutions can be better. I know what people mean by this, but it’s a bit silly. ‘Everything is chemicals,’ to quote Tim Minchin. Natural supplements are made up entirely, 100% completely of chemicals. They’re just naturally occurring.

However, there is some validity behind the sentiment of what people mean when they talk about not taking chemicals, erroneous though their claims may be. Natural products like those listed above have a lot of benefits to offer when used instead of Mounjaro.

For example, natural alternatives often contain ingredients that are easier for the body to metabolize and utilize compared to synthetic compounds. This can lead to fewer adverse effects, and less stress on the body’s organs and systems, making them a gentler option for anybody with sensitive systems or specific health conditions.

You will also have more options with natural alternatives – as we’ve seen, there are plenty of good options to choose from, each with different benefits, so you can pick the best one for your own specific needs.

Natural alternatives are also available over the counter, meaning that if you don’t qualify for a Mounjaro prescription, you’re not completely left in the cold. A good thermogenic fat burner will get you good results in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet with a built-in calorie deficit, and an active lifestyle.


PhenQ capsules in open bottle

PhenQ is simply terrific – near enough peerless. It stands head and shoulders above most other supplements in its class.

It’s a combination of quality and dosing, which are both excellent, and that α-Lacys Reset, the inclusion of which stops this from being a contest. It certainly isn’t a contest of equals.

I would love to see the nopal replaced with glucomannan, my favorite fiber source. That being said, when taking PhenQ myself, I genuinely feel less weak towards my cravings – the formula certainly worked in helping me reduce my calorie intake overall, which is no mean feat when training during a calorie deficit. So no points can be lost here.

PhenQ should give you everything you need as you run through your weight loss journey – it will bolster your metabolism (even if slightly), whilst giving you more energy, bringing your hunger down, aiding your digestive and overall health and wellness, and essentially making everything about running a calorie deficit that much easier and more effective.

If you want a good alternative to Mounjaro and its often harsh side effects, it’s got to be PhenQ.