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Modere Trim Review

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Our PT and nutritionist James Dixon examines this weight loss supplement. Will it live up to expectation? Find out in our full Modere Trim review…

Weight loss is a tricky business. It’s actually quite straightforward and simple – or at least it should be. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. In fact, it’s far from it.

Because of how hard it is to achieve weight loss, there are a wealth of weight loss supplements on the market. Some of them are phenomenal. They make everything a little easier and a little more efficient, and give you a nicer time of it than you would otherwise have. Others are… not so great. In fact, there’s some real snake oil out there.

My fear for Modere Trim is that it falls into the latter category. All the signs are there for it to be, at best, an expensive waste of time, especially when compared to market leaders like PhenQ.

But let’s reserve judgement for the moment as we take a bit of a closer look and delve deeper in to our Modere Trim review.

Quick Verdict On Modere Trim

PhenQ bottle in front of blurred Modere Trim bottle

Modere Trim is at best a waste of money. At worst, it’s actually quite detrimental to your weight loss efforts as it’s largely made up of fatty, highly caloric sunflower seed oil. There is no evidence supporting its use in any kind of fat loss context, despite the manufacturer’s claims.

It’s actually quite a bizarre supplement. There are some fantastic weight loss supplements out there. There are some really useful ingredients that can help you. Ignoring all of these, Modere Trim includes nothing but useless ingredients. I really don’t know what they were thinking when they put their formula together.

Instead, I’d recommend our no.1 rated supplement for weight loss – PhenQ.

About Modere Trim

Modere Trim bottle

Modere Trim is a weight loss aid, a liquid supplement that forms part of Modere’s Lean Body System.

A tablespoon per day, taken orally, should help your body to burn through more fat, bring about more muscle tone, and to restore its youthfulness, apparently.

I have a few problems already. Firstly, there is nothing thermogenic that I can see in Modere Trim’s formula, though I’ll go into this in more detail later on.

Secondly, a professional supplement manufacturer should know better than to put out the specious claim that anything can ‘tone’ your muscles. Muscle toning is a myth that all self-respecting fitness professionals know not to take seriously.

You cannot ‘tone’ muscle. You can build muscle, and you can lose body fat to show off that muscle. There is no more to it than that.

Modere Trim also claims that their proprietary ingredients should help to promote flexible joints. Mobile joints, perhaps – probably, actually. Flexibility comes from training, however, not from a supplement.

How is this all meant to work?

Modere claims that Modere Trim can inhibit cellular fat absorption, whilst also reducing fat cell size and formation/production. It should also help to improve the appearance of youthful looking skin by clearing wrinkles, lines, and cellulite.

I don’t know much about skincare, to be honest, but this last claim sounds fair enough.

However, I’m used to reading weight loss supplements’ lengthy ingredients lists, looking out for thermogenic compounds, fiber sources, energy sources, appetite inhibitors, and so forth.

There should be plenty of different items in any formula. Modere Trim’s ingredients list seems quite short. This needn’t be an issue in itself – to be honest, combine caffeine, cayenne pepper and glucomannan and you’ve got a decent weight loss pill with just three ingredients.

Nevertheless, it’s slim pickings. All told, the main ingredients (some of which are patented, which is a big no-no to me, as you don’t really know what you’re getting) should help the body to better break down fat and prevent it from forming again in the future. It may also help to prevent overweight users from developing diabetes.

There is little to no evidence for any of this, just the manufacturer’s say so. 

The manufacturer’s themselves are based in Springville, Utah. They put out plenty of products for the body. This includes the likes of the Modere M3 Body System, as well as several inside-out beauty systems, probiotics, and fitness supplements.

They claim that ‘many’ of their products are supported by clinical data. This may be the case, but all of their products should be, and they aren’t.

This may account for the great many negative reviews into their company that a cursory look online will garner.

It really isn’t looking too promising for Modere Trim.

How Modere Trim Works

Modere Trim and Modere Life bottles

To be honest, Modere Trim doesn’t really seem to work – and this seems to be a recurring theme among other Modere Trim reviews. There is nothing in its formula proven to aid weight loss, though the manufacturer claims that the ingredients included can help to break down fat and inhibit fat cells from forming.

If anything, Modere Trim may actually add to weight gain. The formula contains a lot of oil – high-fat, high calorie stuff almost guaranteed to sneak in a few hundred extra calories under the radar.

I honestly cannot see a place for Modere Trim in any dieter’s arsenal, especially when there are some genuinely brilliant fat burners and weight loss aids out there for the same money (more on this below).

Modere Trim does at least have the advantage of being easy and quite pleasant to take. You just take a single tablespoon of it each day before breaking your fast, so ideally a half hour or so before your first meal.

According to the manufacturer, this will give the ingredients time to get into your body and begin their work before you have to bring your digestive system to bear.

This isn’t really true, as the ingredients won’t begin their work, but taking a tablespoon daily isn’t strenuous, at least.

The manufacturer recommends you take Modere Trim as a part of their Lean Body System complex. I’m unsure about the other components of the Lean Body System – I don’t know too much about them. However, from what I’ve seen of Modere Trim, I’m loath to trust the company on any other products. Also, taking Modere Trim as part of a larger complex won’t work very well, as Modere Trim itself doesn’t really work. 

I took it for a few weeks during a calorie deficit, changing little else about my diet. I can honestly say that it didn’t do anything. I’ve had far better results from some of the more common thermogenic fat burners (like PhenQ and PhenGold – again, see below). The best I can say is that Modere Trim tasted nice.

And credit where it’s due, it really does taste nice. You can get Modere Trim in several different flavours, including chocolate, lemon, vanilla, raspberry lemonade, mango, and coconut lime. If I were to recommend Modere Trim (which I won’t), I would urge anyone to try the raspberry lemonade or lemon flavors – they are a delight, even if pretty useless.


This is where it all falls down, of course. Modere do a good job of promoting and packaging their product. Modere Trim looks slick and has all the trappings of a high-quality, well thought out weight loss supplement.

Except for the ingredients – the things that make it what it is. They’re pretty poor.

Modere Trim ingredients label

Firstly, we get conjugated linoleic acid (ACA). This is sort of the backbone of Modere’s claims that Modere Trim can inhibit fat cell formation. There has been a single study showing that it may be effective in animals. However, human trials showed no effect at all. There is no evidence at all that CLA deserves its place in any kind of weight loss regime.

Then there is the liquid biocell, which is a proprietary blend of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Again there is no evidence at all that they can help with weight loss.

In fact, they are skincare ingredients, at home only in moisturizers and the like.

There is also a dearth of evidence suggesting that ingestion can improve the quality of your skin – they are to be applied topically, on the skin, rather than drunk in a silly looking weight loss formula.

Vegetable glycerin comes next. It’s a great ingredient that will feel right at home in a commercial shampoo or toothpaste. There is no scientific evidence suggesting it should be ingested for weight loss. It is a mild diuretic, so may lead to you shedding some water weight. Until you get thirsty, of course, and have a glass of water.

Modere trim also uses cocoa and xanthan gum, which may deserve their place here a little more than the other ingredients. Both may help to suppress your appetite, though neither ingredient is the best at it. As before, glucomannan would be far, far better. Also, the cocoa isn’t the same grade you would expect in this kind of supplement.

You get a good dose of citric acid with Modere Trim… for some reason. It’s a manufactured preservative known for cutting through overly sweet flavors. It has no role in weight loss, however.

This is the same for the mixed tocopherols Modere Trim includes. It’s a form of vitamin E which is tremendously good for the skin. There is no use for it in any kind of weight loss formula, however. 

All of this is carried in sunflower seed oil, giving you something to actually drink it all in. As I’ve already said, this is just a good way to get extra calories into your body without you really noticing it and without getting much nutritional value from it.

This is the opposite of what you want in any calorie controlled, weight loss diet.

Finally, the recipes are all sweetened with rebaudioside A. It may minimally help to even out blood sugar levels, thus potentially diminishing hunger pangs a little. But it would be only by a little – again, there are far better ingredients out there for naturally controlling blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity.

For the life of me, I really can’t figure out what the manufacturers were trying to achieve when they put this formula together. There is no obvious coherence to it all. The ingredients are largely high quality and pricey, but good for doing anything but helping you to lose weight. It’s bizarre.

Does Modere Trim Work?

Not really, no. It may help with your skin health, though you will largely be ingesting ingredients that are only effective when applied topically.

The ingredients included to suppress appetite and help you to shed fat are all pretty useless. Again, this is incredibly odd. It’s strange. They could have picked from any number of good quality compounds backed up by clinical data rather than scrabbling this random mix of disparate, ineffective ingredients.

As I’ve already said, it’s quite pleasant to take. The oil is… when, it’s oil that you’re swallowing near enough neat. That’s never going to be the best. But the flavors are really quite nice and the dosing is easy. But it doesn’t work.

If anything, it will hamper your efforts. I had to factor in an extra teaspoon of pretty much pure fat into my macronutrients for the day. These would have been far better spent elsewhere, without costing me any money. A tablespoon of peanut butter would have probably served me better – at least that would have given me some protein.

Evidence to support Modere Trim

There is little to no scientific evidence backing Modere Trim’s use as a weight loss supplement. As above, there is very limited data from animal studies showing that it could inhibit fat cell creation, but this didn’t work when tested on humans.

Other than this, there is plenty of evidence into several of the ingredients proving their efficacy as a topical skin moisturizer. If you want to buy Modere Trim to rub into your skin, it’ll probably do quite a good job. But there are cheaper skincare products out there, just as there are far, far more effective weight loss aids out there.

Modere Trim like to tout their scientific validity. They have clinical data supporting a few of their other products, though even this is a little iffy. They use these results to claim that their whole range is scientifically backed.

It isn’t. Modere Trim is undertested. There is good reason for this – any time spent in the lab would likely show it up as the ineffective product it is. Which, of course, Modere don’t want to happen. So they pave over the cracks with claims built on the supposed efficacy of other products of theirs.


PhenQ bottle open with capsules

Luckily, you don’t have to rely on Modere Trim. There are plenty of alternatives out there.

The first alternative really is nothing. Buy nothing and run a calorie deficit and you’ll already be leaps and bounds ahead of anyone wasting their money on Modere Trim. Given how badly formulated and expensive Modere Trim is, this is actually a really smart choice.

The second alternative is to go with a weight loss supplement that is proven to work. I really would urge anybody to look at a decent thermogenic fat burner known for its ability to help you burn a few more calories whilst suppressing your appetite and giving you a good energy kick.

There are quite a few good thermogenic supplements out there. However, if you want the best, it’s got to be PhenQ. Made by Wolfson Berg, a very reputable company, it’s one of the highest quality supplements available. It’s just about the best weight loss supplement that money can buy.

PhenQ can help in suppressing your appetite a little, though there are admittedly better supplements out there for this. Rather, it puts its efforts into eliciting thermogenesis (a greater use of energy – i.e., calories) and giving you plenty of energy. It should boost your metabolism whilst giving you the energy you need to live a healthy, active lifestyle no matter your calorie deficit.

It should also inhibit the creation of new fat cells in your body. Unlike Modere Trim, it should actually manage this – the ingredients used to gain this benefit have actually been proven to work.

And this is one of the main bonuses PhenQ has over Modere Trim – the data actually pans out. It actually does what it claims to do.

This is all based on a select grouping of highly effective weight loss ingredients. For energy and thermogenesis, we have capsicum extract, piperine extract, A-Lacy’s Reset, l-carnitine fumarate, and caffeine anhydrous.

These should ramp up your metabolism, keeping it firing optimally. These are all backed up by niacin, chromium picolinate, calcium carbonate, and nopal, all of which are proven to support healthy weight loss, in part by reducing your appetite.

With supplements like PhenQ on the market, I have no idea how the Modere Trims of the world hope to survive.


Don’t buy Modere Trim. It’s useless. It may even be worse than useless, unnecessarily spiking your fat intake.

And it’s expensive. I don’t say this because it costs a lot of money, though it may do (this is all relative, after all). I say it because you are paying for nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

There is little to no scientific justification for anything contained in its formula. There are plenty of top-notch ingredients it could have included that it completely ignores.

It’s bizarre and, in its baseless claims, quite unethical. Give it a miss and go straight to a good thermogenic fat burner like PhenQ.