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Leanbean Review

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Thermogenic fat burners can be very useful. They are far from miracle cures – you can’t simply throw them back and expect to see results without making any lifestyle choices!

However, they are perfect if you’re looking to make a calorie deficit easier to maintain and more efficient for weight loss. They can boost your metabolic rate, pick up your energy levels, and aid in satiation.

Leanbean is one of the better fat burners out there. It is made to a very high standard from some of the world’s leading weight loss ingredients, all of it backed up by solid clinical data. Today we are going to bring you our full Leanbean review to help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Quick Verdict: Leanbean

Leanbean Appetite Suppressant bottle and packaging

Leanbean is one of the better thermogenic fat burners. It can boost your metabolism, lead to fewer hunger pangs as you run a calorie deficit, and replace some of the energy found lacking during your weight loss diet.

The formula is solid, backed by world leading research, and is packed with some of the best weight loss ingredients on the market.

All in all, Leanbean stands up there with some of the best of them. It really does represent a formidable ally in your weight loss journey.

About Leanbean

Leanbean bottle open with capsules on side

Made by a leading health supplement company called Ultimate Life Ltd, Leanbean is one of my favorite thermogenic fat burners.

Ultimate Life are all about crafting natural ways for people to optimize their health and fitness – and this shows in the high quality supplements they produce.

They aim their products at women – their flagship product is Powher, a supplement designed to aid athletic-oriented dieting.

However, none of the ingredients included in Leanbean are in any way obviously exclusive to women.

Anybody looking to lose weight with a bit more ease, a bit more energy, and a bit more efficiency will benefit from taking it.

This is where thermogenic fat burners like Leanbean come into their own. They are there to push you through plateaus, keep you from exhaustion, to curb cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer, and to heighten your metabolism even as it threatens to crash through lack of calories.

Leanbean is a simple enough capsule that promises to do all of this. First up, it is a potent thermogenic fat burner. This means that by taking it, you will burn more calories even at rest than you otherwise would. This can be up to around 100 calories per day, which is a fifth of what you need to burn to lose about a pound per week.

As well as this, it is a brilliant appetite suppressant – one of the best I’ve ever come across, in fact. It allows you to feel fuller for longer, thus making it far easier to stick to a weight loss diet with a good calorie deficit.

This all adds up. As above, you need to burn 500 calories more per day above what your body needs to function in order to lose a pound per week.

You can find these 500 calories from two sources.

Firstly, you can exercise more. Burn through an extra couple of hundred calories per day. Secondly, you can eat less, under-eating by three hundred calories, for example.

This forces your body to dip into its fat reserves to make up the difference. Thus, Leanbean hits your weight loss from two angles. It helps to find those extra calories burned. It also helps you to under-eat those extra calories. It’s no small thing.

How Leanbean Works

As above, there are plenty of benefits to be gained from Leanbean, all of which are completely geared towards weight loss.

Leanbean manages all of this through a clever blend of natural ingredients all designed to either elicit greater energy burn, to give you extra energy, or to help fill you up for longer. These include one of the best dietary fibers available as well as some of the most potent thermogenic compounds on the market.

The fiber in question is glucomannan, an ingredient proven to aid satiation, balance healthy cholesterol levels, and improve digestive health (all of which are sorely needed on any weight loss diet).

Fiber swells when you eat it. This is mostly relevant in the stomach, where it expands to help keep you feeling fuller. It also slows down the breakdown of other nutrients, parceling out your energy intake to keep it smoother and longer lasting.

However, it is completely indigestible. This means that you won’t take in any extra calories from it, so it cannot be broken down and converted to be stored as fat. 

Rather, it will be passed out of your body, which is where its second benefit comes into play. As it swells, it bulks out your stools. This helps you to stay good and regular in the bathroom. Calorie deficits can often interfere with this process – taking in less food means taking in less dietary fiber and making less waste, which in turn can lead to constipation. 

Finally, fiber is inextricably linked with diminished ‘bad’ cholesterol levels. That’s part one taken care of, but Leanbean is far more than simply a good source of fiber.

As we have seen, it is also a thermogenic supplement. Thermogenesis is the creation of heat within your body (from thermo, meaning heat, and genesis, meaning birth, beginning, or creation). It creates this heat from calories.

By increasing your body’s thermogenic capacity (the amount of heat it puts out), you will be increasing the number of calories it burns through. This can be anything from 50-100 extra calories per day. This is 10-20% of what you need to lose that precious weekly pound, which is a huge leg up.

Improved thermogenesis also means more energy. You are converting stored energy into usable energy, after all. This is combined with a strong vitamin blend and caffeine largely from green coffee to ensure lasting energy levels, enabling a more athletic lifestyle and mitigating some of the sluggishness that often accompanies a calorie deficit.

Leanbean’s Ingredients

Leanbean Ingredients Label

Everything included in Leanbean’s formula is natural, potent, safe, and pertinent. The final point, the formula’s pertinence, is important – there is no filler here, no junk, nothing useless. Everything has its place. Everything has a job to do that it does admirably.

Firstly, it makes great use of chromium picolinate. This is a very intelligent inclusion.

Chromium picolinate is very good for stabilizing your blood sugar levels. We experience sudden hunger pangs generally as a result of insulin and sugar spikes and crashes. In evening them out, Leanbean removes these hunger pangs from your daily life.

You also get a good dose of choline with Leanbean.

Choline is naturally produced in your liver, though exogenous sources are needed to function optimally. It plays a central role in the removal of cholesterol, aiding the fiber, and fat transportation and hence utilization. Your fat metabolization will function far more optimally when using it, releasing energy and aiding your weight loss efforts.

Leanbean also contains a decent vitamin B complex, giving you good doses of vitamins B6 and B12. Each plays a pivotal role in supporting metabolic health and energy regulation, allowing for improved body composition and reduced fatigue and tiredness. These latter points – fatigue and tiredness – can be pretty chronic during a calorie deficit, so this extra support is very welcome.

Then we move onto our first big thermogenic boost. This comes in the form of green coffee, or pre-roasted coffee beans.

They actually give you far more healthy compounds than roasted beans typically would. For instance, you will get far more antioxidants and chlorogenic acid from them, both of which can support healthy weight loss.

And, of course, you get a good dose of caffeine. This gives you an energy boost and is one of the best thermogenic chemicals going.

I’ve already mentioned glucomannan. It’s a proper star player in any weight loss compound – I kind of mistrust any fat burners that don’t make good use of it.

As above, it’s an incredibly healthy form of fiber, which plays a couple of central roles during weight loss. This is where a lot of the satiation inherent to Leanbean will come from, as well as the auxiliary benefits to your digestive and cholesterol health.

You get a couple of minerals in Leanbean, too. This is where I diverge from the marketing. They aim Leanbean at women, but their mineral complex is near perfect for men. It contains zinc and potassium chloride, both of which contribute to healthy, optimized testosterone levels (especially zinc).

The potassium chloride is perfect for hydration – it’s an electrolyte, which are typically quite scarce on a weight loss diet. It helps the body to create hydrochloric acid, as well, which will help with digestion.

Potassium is also crucial to healthy muscular function, making its inclusion very handy for anybody looking to live an active, athletic lifestyle.

Zinc often rears its head in thermogenic fat burners. As above, it promotes optimal testosterone output. In fact, it balances hormone output pretty much across the board, which will contribute quite profoundly to healthy body composition. With unbalanced testosterone or estrogen levels, you will find it almost impossible to maintain muscle mass and keep the body fat off.

Zinc is also great for reducing inflammations and supporting healthy immune function.

Whilst we’re talking about fighting inflammation, let’s talk about turmeric, the next ingredient on the list. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatories going. It is also a fantastic thermogenic ingredient and a mild appetite suppressant. It’s inclusion in Leanbean’s ingredients list is really quite inspired.

They’ve also included acai berry, which is a little left-field but actually very, very clever.

Restricted eating plans are, of course, restricted. You take in fewer calories from macronutrients – carbs, protein, and fat. You also inevitably take in fewer micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. Acai berry is a great source of antioxidants and vitamins, giving your body the health boost it needs as you stick to a diminished nutrient intake.

We end the list of active ingredients with an incredibly hard hitter in the thermogenic fat burner world – garcinia cambogia, a perfect herbal compound for healthy weight loss and body composition management.

Garcinia cambogia works a bit like a turbocharged turmeric, suppressing the appetite whilst eliciting quite a formidable thermogenic burn.

It can also heighten serotonin production in the brain, which will help to keep your mood up. This can mitigate some of the brain fog and anxiety involved in dieting. It can also help those who comfort eat to stick to their guns.

That’s it for the active ingredients. There is one little super-powered component to Leanbean’s formula, however – black pepper extract, or piperine.

Plenty of supplements include piperine, with good reason. It improves the bioavailability of all other ingredients in any formula. In short, it makes everything listed above far more efficient and effective than it would otherwise be.

Everything included in the Leanbean ingredients list is non-GMO, gluten free, and suitable for vegans, meaning that it’s good for a very broad range of users.

Does Leanbean Work?

Leanbean works incredibly well, as far as any thermogenic or appetite suppressant does.

That is to say, it is a formidable ally in your weight loss journey, but it won’t cause you to lose weight in and of itself. That increased thermogenic burn is useful, but 50-100 calories only means something as part of a wider caloric deficit.

But that’s where supplements like these come into their own. You will never lose weight eating what you want, staying sedentary, and simply throwing back a weight loss pill. That’s not how your body works, unfortunately.

Enter a calorie deficit, however, and the game changes. As we’ve seen, a daily deficit of around 500 calories will generally result in about a pound of weight loss per week. 1000 calories will result in two pounds, and so on (though you shouldn’t go much beyond this point as your body will soon enter starvation mode).

Leanbean bottle in hand with kissing lips

Leanbean makes a deficit like this far easier to enter and maintain. The glucomannan is perfect. It will keep your digestive health on point. From a weight loss point of view, it will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

When I took it, I found myself not needing (or even wanting) to snack between meals. Snacking is a big deal for me – removing this urge made for a much easier deficit!

I also had far more energy thanks to the caffeine content and thermogenic effects. I am an active person. I train several days per week and walk miles every day.

This didn’t diminish at all through my deficit as I took Leanbean – I was able to do everything I wanted to do. There was no brain fog either, which is generally also a big thing for me. I was able to focus and remain alert all day long, getting done what needed doing (including writing this Leanbean review without any bother!)

This is exactly what you want from any weight loss supplement. It shouldn’t cause your body to lose weight by itself. It should make your weight loss journey more achievable, more comfortable, and more efficient. In sating my hunger, giving me an energy boost, both physical and mental, leveling out my blood sugar levels, and improving my digestive health, Leanbean did this for me.

I’ve only ever found calorie deficits this easy to undertake when on thermogenic, appetite suppressing, energy boosting supplements. And if you’re going to go for one, Leanbean is amongst the best of them. I had a good time on it.

Do note, however, that most thermogenic fat burners will have side effects. Leanbean has far fewer than many of its competitors, but they are still there.

The caffeine content may be inappropriate for some people – it can lead to jitters or allergic reactions, among other symptoms. However, the caffeine content in Leanbean is lower than in many other fat burners, so you’re probably onto a safe one.

Leanbean can also upset your stomach, largely due to the garcinia cambogia content. However, this should only happen briefly when you first start taking it, if at all, and should be avoided if you stick to the dosing instructions on the label.

Evidence Supporting Leanbean

There is a wealth of clinical data available on the benefits of every single ingredients included in Leanbean’s formula. 

The formula as a whole has also been fairly rigorously tested. Ultimate Life Ltd spent four years developing and testing Leanbean, conducting research and using high quality clinical evidence every step of the way to ensure that the end result is completely scientifically justified.

This is the case with pretty much everything that Ultimate Life put out there. They are known for the rigor of their testing procedures.

In addition, their products are all made in FDA-approved plants, all held up to strict GMP criteria. With all this in place, you can rest assured that everything going into their products deserves its place, everything is effective, and that nothing else gets in there. Everything is held to the highest of standards.

As mentioned above, there is no filler in Leanbean. Not only are all the active ingredients scientifically justified, there is nothing in there that isn’t. The only non-active ingredient, piperine, serves to lift the whole formula and make it more bio-available. There are no additives, no junk, unlike some of the lesser quality fat burners you can find out there. Everything is high quality.


I’ve used Leanbean myself in conjunction with a modest calorie deficit and an active lifestyle. All told, this led me to that golden number – a daily deficit of five hundred calories. It was far easier to reach this with Leanbean than when I have done it without.

There are a few reasons for this, as we’ve seen. It stopped me from experiencing any hunger pangs. I stayed feeling full between meals without having to snack. My energy levels also remained pretty constant as my blood sugar stabilized. I also had plenty of energy to live an active lifestyle and experienced none of the brain fog I usually get when running a calorie deficit.

It also picked up my thermogenic potential, and with it my fat burning potential. The deficit I ran wasn’t only easier to maintain, therefore, but it was also far more efficient. It’s rare I’ve found it so easy to run a weight loss diet so effectively.

The quality and utility on offer with Leanbean are second to none. It’s a very good shout for men and women – anybody looking for a little bit of help as they try to shed a few pounds.