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Lady Boss Lean Review

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Our Lady Boss review puts aside the bold claims from the company. We gave it a thorough testing. Here’s what we discovered.

If you believe the hype on LadyBoss’ website, you would think they had reinvented the wheel. They seem to claim that they have come up with the solution to long term, easy, sustainable weight loss.

They haven’t. Of course they haven’t. There is no solution. There is no miracle weight loss cure. There is simply good lifestyle and dietary practice, eating within your needs, living an active life, and generally taking care of yourself. This is how to maintain healthy body fat levels over time.

This LadyBoss Lean review is designed to assess whether or not this supplement can help you achieve the goal of weight loss with the aid of a well balance lifestyle.

Good dietary practice is key – it is the most important element in any weight loss, gain, or maintenance regime. This is where LadyBoss and similar products come into play. There is no miracle cure, just a way to make maintaining and appropriate diet that much easier, more efficient, and enjoyable.

In this regard, LadyBoss have succeeded fantastically. Their formula is complex (dizzyingly so, if they really do include all the elements they claim), underpinned at least in part by good quality science, and reads like a who’s who of weight loss ingredients.

Quick Verdict: LadyBoss Lean

PhenQ bottle over blurred sachet of Lady Boss Lean

LadyBoss have a range of weight loss products, but they also promise a lot. LadyBoss Lean is a decent meal replacement shake, but nothing more than that.

It does have a good nutritional profile, but it is unlikely to yield some of the results they promise.

Instead, we prefer another product we’ve rigorously tested – PhenQ. This incredibly smart supplement acts as a fat burner whilst tackling the negative side effects of a calorie deficit.

We’ve seen on countless cases how this helps you achieve your weight loss goals effectively and more enjoyably. We highly recommend PhenQ.

LadyBoss Lean Explained

As above, LadyBoss isn’t the revolutionary supplement that their marketing department would have you believe. So, then, what is it?

Simply put, it is a very high-quality protein and vitamin powder.

It is aimed at and marketed for women, but this is also nonsense. Men can take it and benefit from it – nothing in the formula is in any way gender specific.

The only thing adhering to current gender bias is the name and the bright pink packaging – dig into the ingredients and you find something that can help dieters and athletes of all stripes.

The vitamins and minerals included in it are good. They are the kinds of things you can pick up at most good supermarkets, or at least at any supplement/health food store.

However, most products like LadyBoss are made from commonly found, easily available ingredients. They have simply done the legwork for you and blended it into a really good formula.

There isn’t only one formula, though. LadyBoss break down their product list into five elements, or a ‘Complete Transformation System’ to once more fall in line with their overblown marketing team’s wording. Forget this – there is no complete transformation, no alchemy, no miracle. There is simply well-timed nutrient intake to make the most of your diet throughout the day.

They break it down as follows:

  1. Take LadyBoss Lean for breakfast.
  2. Take LadyBoss Fuel before or during training.
  3. Use LadyBoss Burn to kick up your metabolic rate.
  4. Add in LadyBoss Greens to support overall health and wellbeing.
  5. Use LadyBoss Rest to revitalize and recovery.

This all sounds very reasonable and a little bit clever. It really does do the homework for you so that you can simply chug whatever you need at any point in time. The vitamins, minerals and compounds included in each iteration will do the rest.

Benefits Of LadyBoss Lean

Again, LadyBoss seem a little sure of themselves with regards their benefits. You will generally see claims couched in terms like ‘should’, ‘can’, ‘ought to’. You shouldn’t really see anyone claiming anything with certainty.

If they do, they had better have a good reason – the results need to be beyond question and underpinned by a lot more, lot better science than Lady Boss is.

LadyBoss are not FDA approved. They don’t seem to be third-party tested in any way. There seems to be little by way of medical proof behind their claims – and many of their claims are medical in nature.

For example, they claim that it will boost your immune system, whilst giving little detail on how this will happen, or how they know it will, at least.

However, looking at their ingredients lists, you can see that most of their claims are valid. At least, they would be if they were hedged a little.

For example, it should control sweet cravings and hunger pangs. As we will see, the protein and fiber content in each shake should see to this. Similarly, the fiber should promote digestive health, including regularity and overall gut health.

They do claim things like ‘most cravings come from a lack of nutrition’. This is debatable. What does a ‘lack of nutrition’ even mean? And often they don’t – the causes behind cravings are complex, often psychological or situational, and far more elaborate than simple nutrition.

Saying a product will stop cravings because of xyz is inaccurate. It should stop cravings, and will do so for most people, but if there are other underlying factors at play then success may well be limited.

These gripes aside, there are indeed some great potential benefits to be made from LadyBoss Lean. The high protein content alone is worth the price of admission. It should keep you feeling fuller for longer whilst promoting lean muscle gain or maintenance. There are many vitamins and supplements in it that will generally lead to improved digestive health.

This should make LadyBoss Lean very filling, giving you greater satiation and fewer hunger pangs. Your blood sugar levels should balance out, further supporting this. All in all, it does represent a very potent weight loss aid and a great meal replacement.

The formulae they use are a little complex.

They use a lot of ingredients. However, these all appear solid – they are all in there for a good reason, all there to fulfill a function, and their gestalt effect is indeed to support health and wellbeing whilst promoting weight loss. It’s a very good set of recipes, clearly well thought out.

Everything is high quality, too. The whey protein is premium, grass fed whey. This means that you’ll get a fuller nutrient profile with it than poorer quality whey might bring. Fibersol, the main source of fiber included in the recipe, is also well known as a particularly potent form – it really should keep your digestive health on track, no matter the calorie deficit you might bring to bear.

The science isn’t always solid. They claim that all of their ingredients are backed up by at least three studies apiece. They only offer evidence of this for their key ingredients. However, the backing behind their key ingredients alone, plus the good reputation of most of their other ingredients, should set your mind at ease. Again, it seems simply to be a case of their marketing team being overzealous – the product itself is solid.

Lady Boss Lean Ingredients

Ladyboss Lean Ingredients List

We don’t have the space to get into all the ingredients used in the LadyBoss Lean range. However, most of them don’t matter too much. They are good as icing on the cake, but most of the magic lies in a core few.

These core few are brilliant. There is no doubt in my mind that you will have a better chance of meeting your goals with LadyBoss Lean, more efficiently, more ably, with less stress and discomfort, than you would without it.

LadyBoss Lean was developed by a panel of doctors, bioengineers and flavor chemists to give you the best shake possible. Its ingredient profile is made from well known, high-quality supplements designed to help you lose weight whilst retaining or even gaining lean muscle mass.

This is true for both women and men, though of course it is only really marketed to women.

Everything is open, which is nice. All too often ingredients are hidden as parts of ‘proprietary blends’. Not so with LadyBoss Lean – it’s all there on the box for you to see.

Alongside the core ingredients, you will get a complete profile of over 20 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are vital to healthy functioning and overall wellbeing.

It is actually very impressive.

Mostly, though, LadyBoss Lean is at heart a protein shake. This is a good thing. Most people under consume protein, especially during the kind of calorie deficit needed to elicit weight loss. However, protein is very satiating as it takes a long time for the body to break down. It’s also central to healthy muscle development and maintenance, and to hormone regulation.

The protein included in LadyBoss Lean couldn’t really be much better. As above, it’s all grass fed whey. You get a good mixture of whey protein concentrate, for mass, and whey protein isolate for quality.

This alone makes it worth the money. This alone should help you in your weight loss journey – the rest is simply very welcome window dressing.

All the ingredients are natural across their whole range. This includes their flavors and flavorings, with organic evaporated cane juice sugar playing a central role in making it taste good.

Then there is the fiber – again, high quality – and various digestive enzymes. I like the inclusion of the latter. Protein shakes are too often hard to process, leading to bloating, gas and lethargy. By contrast, LadyBoss Lean is comfortable and easy to process without discomfort.

Of course, the fiber is always welcome. It leads to slower releasing energy, keeps you feeling full for a long time, and bulks out everything passing through your digestive tract for optimal digestive health.

It is also instrumental in maintaining healthy gut and stomach bacteria, which has itself been linked to weight loss and healthy body composition.

How To Use LadyBoss Lean

LadyBoss Lean back of packet directions

LadyBoss Lean is pretty easy to use when you get the hang of it. The only complex part is learning which shake to take when, though the directions are clear and straightforward enough.

To make the formula, simply add a scoop or two to your favorite carrier drink – milk, water, and so on. I found it worked particularly well with almond milk, though this obviously adds quite a lot to the cost! Go for around 6-8 oz of liquid per scoop.

One scoop at a time should do for most people. However, go for more if you live a particularly active lifestyle. Take the main shake as a meal replacement, swapping out for, or adding in, the others as your need dictates.

For example, throw in a scoop of LadyBoss Greens once a day for the added nutrients delivered. Add a scoop of LadyBoss Rest with your dinner to wind down from the day’s stresses.

Switch your lunch shake for LadyBoss Burn if you’re going for an afternoon workout, and so on.

Using Lady Boss Plus

I really liked using LadyBoss Plus – full disclosure, I’m a guy and it made no difference to my experience!

The flavors were all decent. You should expect it these days, but good taste isn’t always a guarantee in your protein shakes. Everything is mellow, exciting yet not overly sweet, and the powder mixes really well for a smooth blend.

Satiation was also solid. I found a single shake at breakfast time kept me going all morning. I drank my lunchtime shake because it was time to, not because I was hungry in any way. Digestive health came hand in hand with this – everything was regular and as it should be!

I lift weights, practice yoga most days, and walk several miles every day. In other words, any shake I drink has a lot to support, both in terms of energy and recovery. I had no concerns, here. Lady Boss Lean kept me making my usual gains – generally inspired by a simple whey protein concentrate that I take when not testing other products – and I had the strength, power and endurance I needed to make it through every training session.

DOMS (delayed onset of muscular soreness) was also diminished. I would be tempted to chalk this up to the high quality, grass fed whey included in LadyBoss Lean’s formula, though it could be down to any number of factors.

There are a few side effects to watch out for, especially at first. Though they are remarkably few for a protein shake – especially one with so many components – they are there. Everything is mild and should be short lived, with nothing nasty and no lasting damage done.

Some common side effects include bloating and gas, no matter the hard shift the enzymes are putting in, alongside either constipation or looser bowel movements as your body gets used to drinking its calories. You may also experience a little fatigue at first.

All symptoms should disappear quickly.

  • Fantastic vitamin and mineral complex for optimal health
  • Good quality, grass fed whey protein
  • High, good quality fiber content for fullness and digestive health
  • Easier on the gut and stomach than most protein formulas
  • Any side effects are mild, rare and short term
  • Overblown advertising
    Scientific backing isn’t always as good as it claims
    Can cause mild side effects


Does LadBoss Lean help you lose weight?

Lady Boss Lean is a great weight loss aid. Its high protein and fiber contents lead to lasting fullness, muscular health, and digestive health, whilst its vitamin and mineral complex keeps you healthy even as you reduce your calorie intake and food source varieties. Pair with a calorie deficit and active lifestyle for proven results.

What are the LadyBoss Lean ingredients?

There is a dizzying array of ingredients included in the LadyBoss Lean formula. The main three active ingredients are whey protein (both concentrate and isolate) from grass fed cows, fiber, and digestive enzymes. There are also plenty of vitamins and minerals to inspire weight loss and keep you healthy.

Are there LadyBoss Lean side effects to know about?

There are no formal side effects from LadyBoss Lean. However, minor discomfort may occur, especially in the early days of usage. Symptoms can include bloating, gas, loose bowel movements, constipation and fatigue.

Is LadyBoss Lean safe?

LadyBoss Lean is perfectly safe for most people. It contains whey protein, so isn’t suitable for anybody who is lactose intolerant. If you’re concerned about your safety on any supplement, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions, always seek advice from your healthcare provider before taking it.

Can men drink LadyBoss Lean?

Yes, of course they can. Though LadyBoss Lean is marketed at women, the ingredients are all appropriate and beneficial to men.


PhenQ bottle open with capsules

Don’t pay attention to LadyBoss Lean’s advertising, marketing or branding. It contains a fair amount of nonsense.

Men can take and benefit from it as much as women. The scientific underpinning is nowhere near as watertight as they make out. And no, it isn’t a revolution – LadyBoss haven’t reinvented the wheel.

Rather, they have made a fantastic whey protein shake meal replacement. And it really is good. The inclusion of plenty of vitamins and minerals is a good thing.

It will keep you healthy even as you go into a calorie deficit, where most people tend to under consume micronutrients. Many of the vitamins and minerals involved have also been linked with weight loss/ low body fat.

The whey is of exceptional quality. This means that you can live an active lifestyle, maintaining or even building muscle even as you lose body fat. The fiber is welcome and well-sourced, keeping you full, regular and healthy.

Ignore the flourishes – they don’t mean much. Look at the ingredients. They are solid. LadyBoss Lean will help you to lose weight and stay fighting fit. It really is good underneath it all.

However, there are better products out there on the market when it comes to weight loss. Supplements such as PhenQ, Phen24 and Trimtone are all better options if weight or fat loss is your sole aim and would like to still ingest solid food.

We regularly and rigorously test weight loss supplements, comparing newcomers to the golden oldies and everything in between. PhenQ always, always scores well. It is a high-quality fat burning supplement that has a more potent natural ingredient profile than LadyBoss – and indeed, many other weight loss supplements on the market – and doesn’t make outlandish claims. We would certainly suggest considering PhenQ over LadyBoss.