King Maker Supplement Review

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King Maker aggressively claims that you can turn your life around on this supplement, and become the socially popular alpha God you always wanted to be. We stripped it down to the facts, clinical research, and left no stones unturned when testing it in this King Maker supplement review.

King Maker is a natural testosterone booster with a massive ego.

It claims to turn you into a ‘God’. A King. Without it, you’ll simply continue being ‘weak’ with a soft jawline, especially if you continue supplementing with other ‘pixie dust’ products.

An aggressive stance, considering some of the other top tier supplements it’s competing against. And as somebody who has trialed and studied many natural testosterone boosters, I don’t care much for this angle of marketing. In fact, I’m fighting the urge to dislike it from the off.

I shall take much joy in stripping King Maker down to bare all that’s important to us customers – the quality and value of the formula and its effectiveness. We trial and study beyond the smoke screens to discover the best testosterone boosters out there (and the worst).

So let’s see, quite literally, what King Maker is really made of.

Quick Verdict: King Maker Supplement

King Maker Tub

King Maker is more of an energy boost or pre-workout than a testosterone booster. It promises much, when most is delivered by how much work you’ll put into your diet and exercise plan.

With its ingredients mostly pointing towards improved circulation and energy levels, you may find you achieve both these things when taking King Maker, and this alone will help lift your testosterone levels.

If you’re looking for a testosterone booster that focuses on elevating your T-levels and reducing the negative effects of low testosterone, go with TestoPrime, with its generous and confident lifetime money back guarantee.

If you still want to give King Maker a try, they offer a 30-day guarantee, and some brilliant bundle deals that could save you a fortune on an otherwise extravagant price tag.

What Is King Maker?

King Maker is manufactured in the US and (very) proudly presented to us by brand Top Shelf Grind.

It pits itself as a ‘luxury’ testosterone booster, sticking a very high price tag on it for good measure. They vow that by supplementing with its ‘powerhouse formulation‘, you’ll achieve ‘maximum masculinity‘ (a broad and vague claim, at best) and ‘enhanced physiognomy‘.

They even confirm that taking King Maker will ‘elevate social status‘. Their entire attitude on their site is about going against the grain and becoming the boss of your own life.

That’s fantastic, but that doesn’t come from a supplement. When our testosterone levels are at a healthy range, confidence is the result of elevated energy levels, improved strength and endurance, and the physical results you’ll get from a good diet and committed gym regime aligned with an effective T-booster.

A decent brand would usually emphasize this – that their supplement is only as good as the effort we put in as individuals.

As for the ‘enhanced physiognomy’ claim? It’s misleading.

You will not develop a defined, strong jaw simply by popping some capsules. Yes, there is some evidence that suggests testosterone can contribute to facial morphology, but this is predominantly during puberty, when your facial structure is still forming.

If you’re a fully grown adult wanting a more masculine look, this will come from consistent supplementation for a good couple of years, as fat shifts from your face, giving you hollower cheeks. It’s more of an illusion than a restructure, especially as you experience increased facial hair.

But you will not start building out a larger jaw and brow ridge with merely a few months of using King Maker.

To balance out the negativity thus far, I’ve used Top Shelf Grind before for their coffee nootropic Alpha Grind, which is very good quality, and I experienced noticeable results from it.

But when it comes to King Maker, their marketing is all out, littered with rubbish headliners and advice such as, ‘For those who want to restore their monarchy and hardly give AF on how the result is achieved‘.

For a fair trial, let’s push the cheesy marketing to one side. After all, marketing is not my niche here (hey, I’m just a paying customer who wants results…). Let’s look at what’s really important, and holds the truths behind every supplement – the ingredients list.

Key Ingredients

King Maker Ingredients list

So let’s kick this off with a positive, and that is that King Maker is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. I love this, as there are still a number of testosterone boosters who cast a number of customers aside with gelatin capsules.

The formula involves 12 ingredients, all completely natural and considered safe to use. (Please speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns, medications, or medical conditions first.)

Vitamin D3

King Maker break us in gently with vitamin D3. We see this vitamin in a lot of supplements, as it is a decent little number for immunity, mood regulation, and even our mental wellbeing (though we need much more consistent research results to conclude on this).

Vitamin D3 is also great for building and maintaining strength in our bones, and clinical studies show that it can help the strengthen skeletal muscles. This is all helpful for performance and also to avoid injury, especially as we age.


Magnesium can have a direct impact on the amount of testosterone our bodies produce when incorporated with intense physical exercise. It also helps us use as much testosterone in our bodies as possible, by preventing it from binding to SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin).

Magnesium also helps regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, improves the quality of our sleep, reduces inflammation in our bodies, and strengthens our bone density.

It’s a low dose at 150mg – I’m used to seeing at least 200mg in other testosterone boosters.


Zinc is on par with Magnesium for its benefits, a mineral that plays a critical role in many functions.

It’s great for our immune systems and general wellbeing, and if I’m having a break from trialing supplements I’ll continue topping up with zinc for this benefit alone.

Zinc also plays a big part in regulating metabolism, including energy production and the digestive system. It can also help suppress our appetite, encouraging a healthier diet.

It also helps sharpen our focus and prevent brain fog, leaving us feeling switched on and ready to go. Again though, it’s not the highest dose I’ve seen at 30mg (my preferred choice TesotPrime gives us 40mg, for example).

Bugle Extract (Turkesterones)

This botanical extract is mostly known for ramping up energy levels and stamina, which will certainly contribute towards that buzzing, motivated, ‘alpha male’ feeling some users report and rely on.

King Maker claims that turkesterones will help enhance energy levels and stamina, and support mental and physical resilience to stress. However, in 2018 the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) concluded in 2018 that the ecdysteroids in it do not have significant effects on strength, muscle or performance.

There is also currently absolutely zero research conducted on humans, and the research that has been conducted shows major issues with how much dosage is required for efficacy.

Cyanotic Vaga Root

Another ingredient that focuses on energy levels as opposed to anything testosterone related.

The good thing about this root extract is that it appears to be a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which may help protect our bodies against damaging oxidative stress and of course reduce inflammation.


ViNitrox is a proprietary blend of pine bark and grape seed extracts, which means we don’t know how much of each is in it.

What we do know is that this blend has been produced to support cardiovascular health, and achieves this by improving oxygen delivery via better circulation. It’s also a helpful antioxidant blend, further reducing oxidative stress.

Organic Beet Root Juice Powder

I was starting to get a little bored of this ingredients list, after all we’ve barely touched on anything focused on helping us benefit from increased testosterone.

However, organic beet root juice powder deserves a little praise for its proven ability to significantly increase blood flow.

For the brain, this means enhanced cognitive ability. It’ll also aid athletic performance, as our muscles and heart receive substantial oxygen delivery for stamina and power.

It’s also been shown to reduce toxins in the body, and even encourage feelings of fullness, suppressing the appetite and helping us avoid those unnecessary calories.

Fadogia Agrestis

Also referred to as ‘Nigerian Viagra’, Fadogia is believed to help directly boost testosterone levels and libido, however this has only ever been researched on animals.

Other benefits in rodents included elevated sperm count and testicular weight (I dread to think how that looked).

It’s understood that Fadogia inhibits aromatase, boosting Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which triggers the production of testosterone. Though it lacks any solid human-based evidence, perhaps this is soon to follow.

Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Another ingredient focused on vascular health and circulation, Horse Chestnut Seed is believed to help tone and strengthen the walls of veins and capillaries. This improves their elasticity and function, which can bring about a couple of benefits.

Specifically, this could further encourage the sensation of feeling ‘pumped’, as our muscles receive oxygen more easily. This may also mean we recover faster after workouts, especially as it contains the anti-inflammatory compound aescin.

Black Maca Root Extract

Extracted from the root of the maca plant Lepidium meyenii, this ingredient is effective for libido and sexual function. It can also improve male fertility and sperm quality, and also our energy and mood.

Though it’ll certainly help you feel more energized and driven in this department, Black Maca does not help boost your testosterone levels, and the above effects are mechanisms entirely unrelated to how much testosterone you are producing.


Saving the best till last, LJ100® is the patented, more potent version of Southeast Asian herb Tongkat Ali, sometimes referred to as Longjack.

Tongkat Ali is particularly effective for those of us who are low on testosterone, with studies showing it can significantly raise the levels for older men. It works, but less so in those of us with normal levels of testosterone already.

Sperm motility, volume, and concentration are also benefits of supplementing with Tongkat Ali, which can be very helpful if you’re looking to start a family – one study found it helped over 14% of infertile couples.

Tongkat Ali also has adaptogenic properties, lowering cortisol levels to improve our mood and help our bodies adapt to stress. Some athletes use it as an ergogenic aid to enhance performance, and it may help improve body composition by increasing muscle mass and strength when combined with strength training.


Boron is also a solid inclusion from King Maker, providing positive effects on hormone regulation, bone health, and reduced inflammation.

A number of clinical studies prove that Boron can significantly increase the amount of free testosterone (from 11.83 pg/mL to 15.18 pg/mL) in the body, and reduce the amount of female sex hormone estrogen (from 42.33 pg/mL to 25.81 pg/mL), too.

Taking King Maker

It’s recommended you take five capsules of King Maker every day, with water.

That’s a lot, and if you struggle with swallowing capsules then this may be a problem for you.

I’m used to them, as I trial a lot of supplements – though five is still pretty heavy.

There are 24 servings in every bottle, so this hefty price tag will only last you just over three weeks (unless you reduce your dose, and therefore the effects it will have).

Now, generally speaking, to optimize your testosterone levels, you need to commit to them for at least a couple of months – for possible major differences such as enhanced physiognomy, you’re looking at much longer. If you want to achieve the benefits King Maker promises, you’re going to need the cash.

When asked how long the effects last when taking King Maker, they claim they last ‘all day’. It seems this product shouts long-term benefits, but really only delivers immediate, short-term effects.

When I trialed King Maker, I did indeed feel noticeably ‘pumped’. My energy levels were soaring, and it did feel good. I see where the ‘feeling masculine’ may stem from, mostly the vast collection of ingredients targeting energy and blood flow.

When our circulation is at its peak, we experience heightened energy, strength, endurance, and even libido. Downtime from the gym is improved, as we recover faster (so long as we keep popping those liquid-gold capsules…).

As I continued with the trial, I did see improvements in my endurance and athleticism. I felt motivated and focused. But how much of this was really King Maker, over my own physical efforts in the gym?

It didn’t really wash with me. King Maker is a lot of money – that’s one issue. But also, all the benefits its claiming as its own are actually coming from you. All you really get from this is the feel-good factor.

Testoprime capsules

For some, this will be effective enough to get the results you want. And ultimately, that’s what matters. But if you’re looking to naturally and effectively uplift your testosterone levels and all the benefits that come with doing so for the long term, then there are much, much better supplements out there.

TestoPrime is the most reliable, effective supplement I’ve tested for this.

Its ingredients list is intelligently dosed, with smart ingredients that are highly effective at helping our bodies produce a hormone so crucial to our health and wellbeing, at a much lower price per bottle and a lifetime guarantee.

King Maker also offer a guarantee, for 30 days. Not all supplements offer this, so they’ve backed up their confidence nicely here.

They also have some great bundle deals, which can save you quite a bit of money. 30 days isn’t the longest period, so I’d go for the bundle if you do want to give King Maker a go.


I personally am not a huge advocate of King Maker, at least not in the testosterone boosting sphere. Perhaps for an energy kick or a pre-workout. It sits better here, and if I were reviewing it in that particular niche it would score quite highly.

If testosterone levels aren’t necessarily a concern for you, and you just want that confidence kick with elevated energy and circulation to get your blood pumping for some quality workouts, then King Maker will help you along – at a cost.

Its marketing could do with a bit of an overhaul – us consumers want clear-cut claims, clinical data, and helpful advice.

When comparing King Maker to other products in the testosterone booster category, it certainly doesn’t make top shelf. It will help you, as it will motivate you towards a healthy diet and exercise regime, and both are paramount to helping your body produce its own natural testosterone, while reducing the side effects of low testosterone, such as fatigue.

But that’s as far as it goes. It’s a watered-down reality in comparison to King Maker’s bolshy claims.

For a potent supplement that attacks all these things – helps you produce more testosterone, utlilizes total testosterone already in your body, elevates your energy and metabolism, and improves your focus, mood and motivation – then go with TestoPrime. That is what it’s designed to do, and it does so very successfully.

For testosterone and all its benefits, TestoPrime reigns supreme.