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Exipure Review

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Does Exipure work? Is it an effective weight loss supplement, or useless? Check out this thorough Exipure Review to find out before you commit.

We are in the midst of an obesity crisis, with modern life seeming almost tailor made for fostering weight gain.

Though there are tried and tested ways of losing weight – a healthy diet with a calorie deficit coupled with an active lifestyle – there is a body of supplements shown to help that are more needed than ever.

This is where Exipure comes into it.

It promises to aid weight loss by increasing the volume of healthy brown adipose tissue (BAT) that naturally occurs in your body. This has been shown to improve your metabolic function, making it far easier for you to lose weight in the longer term. Today we will be testing it for ourselves and delivering a full verdict in our Exipure review.

Quick Verdict On Exipure

PhenQ bottle over blurred bottle of Exipure

Exipure is a decent enough weight loss supplement. It focuses on increasing healthy brown adipose tissue levels, which are known for being able to burn through the unhealthy white fat around your abdomen and thighs. Using holy basil amongst other ingredients, it should do this very well.

However, there are perhaps better ways to spend your money. There are better supplements out there for optimizing your weight loss efforts and making your whole diet more manageable.

I would choose a good quality thermogenic supplement over something like Exipure – the best in my opinion is PhenQ.

About Exipure

Exipure bottle

Exipure seems at first glance to be a very intelligently designed, clever little product. It’s only been going for a year, launching on 20th October 2021, but it has spent that year creating a bit of a buzz around itself.

Any weight loss journey is a hard slog pockmarked by backsliding, trips, and challenges that can be disheartening and ultimately very unhealthy. We all know that leaving persistent belly fat in place can lead to a great many health complications both in the short and long run.

The supplement market is well catered to with weight loss aids. Or, rather, it is awash with them. There is a pill for everything. Everyone claims to have the unique miracle cure.

Few do, of course, otherwise there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic racing unchecked around us. Exipure claims to be a bit different, as do all of its competitors, but it may be onto something.

It is a bit of a loophole supplement. It is designed to kind of trick your body into losing weight – which is very welcome, as we all know how hard it can be to shift unwanted pounds of body fat.

The loophole in question revolves around brown adipose tissue, or BAT, as mentioned above. By manipulating BAT levels in your body, Exipure can help you to more ably manage your body composition and weight loss, allowing you to keep a healthier, more active metabolism set up for fat burning. 

How Exipure Works

We have both white and brown adipose tissue (BAT), or fat tissue. All mammals typically have both. White adipose tissue is the kind we need to keep limited – the less we have the better, broadly speaking.

It is stored in the hands, thighs, and abdomen. These are our energy reserves, where we store excess calories as fat. White fat cells are generally far more obstinate than brown fat cells – they are far harder to get rid of and are linked with weight gain and an inability to lose weight.

Brown fat is completely different, however.

BAT is used for controlling the body temperature. Its job within the human body is largely to convert calories into heat, burning them as they are utilized. The more calories we can burn, the more white fat we can lose – our energy stores will be depleted, diminishing it.

Therefore, brown fat is generally considered to be something of a ‘healthy fat’. It is certainly vital in keeping you healthy, energetic, and at a healthy body weight with good composition.

Expiure’s Role In Fat Loss

Expiure’s formula works by addressing the balance of BAT to white adipose tissue. It helps to maintain higher BAT levels. This is incredibly important. It’s postulated that weight gain is caused in part through low levels of BAT, with white adipose tissue dominant.

Therefore, boosting BAT levels should lead to weight loss.

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

It enables your body to produce far more BAT which should undo any unexplained weight gain and make it far easier for you to lose weight in the long run. BAT helps to burn white adipose tissue, bringing quite a significant thermogenic effect to bare. 

It does this through a mix of natural, plant-based ingredients all formulated, mixed and dose to inspire BAT growth, alongside a range of additional benefits such as keeping even, healthy blood pressure and stabilizing blood sugar levels.


So, what are these natural, plant-based ingredients that go into making Expiure effective? Well, in short, we have a wide range of botanicals and so forth known throughout the world for their fat beating potential.

For instance, Expiure uses Shiso leaves, or Perilla leaves. A Japanese herb, Shiso leaves are a completely natural, quite potent weight loss aid, used widely for weight management. They are known for being able to bring about greater BAT levels, helping to diminish white fat and bring down weight overall.

Shiso’s benefits don’t end here, however. There are plenty of reasons to take them. They are known for being able to combat cardiovascular disease, which often comes hand in hand with high body fat levels. They have been linked with low HGH or ‘bad’ cholesterol levels, which is once again often associated with high body fat levels.

Then there is white Korean ginseng, a common herbal component of traditional Korean medicine. There are plenty of well-researched benefits to be gained from taking white Korean ginseng.

It has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and improve immune function, among other benefits. It is included as a star player in Exipure’s formula for its ability to improve both the quality and quantity of BAT in the human body, making it perfect as a weight loss tool.

Exipure also makes use of propolis, a very important, very potent ingredient. It’s made from beeswax, oddly enough (it’s AKA bee glue!), and it delivers a fair few health benefits.

It is incredibly rich in antioxidants and can help to stabilize blood sugar levels, which can be crucial during any weight loss diet plan. It brings immunological benefits, too, able to kill off harmful bacteria and germs. And, of course, it can help to promote increased BAT levels, which is what makes it so beneficial here.

Kudzu Root comes next, a completely natural included in Exipure’s formula for its ability to both help with overall weight loss and, specifically, the balance of BAT in your body. It can help your body to burn through white fat cells, which will obviously be a great help to anybody looking to lose weight. It can also help to regulate BAT production, giving you a good fighting chance.

If you struggle with overeating or emotional eating, the next ingredient will be incredibly interesting to and useful for you.

Amur cork bark is perfect for mitigating the effects of stress and anxiety. This will hopefully lead to healthier eating patterns, as you eat for nourishment rather than as an emotional coping mechanism. Anxiety itself can also lead to weight gain, or at least it can impair weight loss, as it tips your hormonal balance away from optimal.

Amur cork bark can also help you to fight inflammation, which in itself can make weight loss difficult. It can even help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and diminish bad cholesterol, helping to undo many of the side effects associated with being overweight even as you lose weight.

Oleuropein, our next ingredient, is a phenolic compound renowned for combatting obesity. Research has shown that regularly including it in your supplementation regime can drastically help with tackling it. It works in large part by boosting BAT levels.

As a phenolic compound, oleuropein is also a healthy source of antioxidants and can be useful for fighting inflammation. As we have seen, both are very good for fighting obesity. It also helps to balance your cholesterol levels, reducing your unhealthy cholesterol levels, and to improve your gastrointestinal health.

Holy Basil Close up

Holy basil, also known as Tulsi in India, is one of my favorite weight loss ingredients. It forms a solid core for Exipure’s formula. A great deal of Exipure’s efficacy and the benefits it offers come directly from it.

It’s been in use for millennia as part of a few forms of traditional medicine, with a great many applications across a wide range of illnesses and diseases. It offers a natural immune boost as well as being perfect for improving your fat burning potential and raising your BAT.

Holy Basil is also a great supplement for fighting stress and anxiety, which we have already seen can make it hard to maintain healthy body composition.

Finally, we have quercetin, another all-natural heavy hitter. As a flavonoid (a pigment taken from plants) it brings a great many health and wellbeing benefits, including working as an anti-inflammatory, warding off cancer, leveling out blood sugar levels, and possibly keeping you safe from coronary disease.

And, of course, it brings fat burning abilities to the table and can raise your natural levels of BAT.

Does Exipure Work?

The theory underpinning Exipure is pretty sound, so you would imagine that it would work well. Though it’s hard to accurately measure BAT, it’s easy enough to figure out how much of a weight loss benefit you can gain from it – this is the bottom line, after all.

The results were OK. Combined with a modest calorie deficit of 500 daily calories I was able to shed a little weight using Exipure. This is promising. However, I have a couple of qualms, a couple of flies in an otherwise fairly decent ointment.

Firstly, I’m unconvinced by the formula. I have taken holy basil in isolation – or near isolation – before and experienced similar results. When I say it does a lot of the heavy lifting, this is what I’m talking about. I don’t know how much of the rest is just a kind of expensive, overly involved filler.

You may find that finding a good holy basil supplement at a fraction of the price Exipure will set you back will give your fat burn a real boost without having any of the fussiness involved in the above formula.

Secondly, the results were fine, the cost wasn’t insignificant. This is a problem in such a busy marketplace – there is so much high quality competition that I really can’t see much room for a middling supplement like Exipure.

If you’re going to spend money on something to aid your weight loss journey, I don’t know why anybody would go for anything other than a good thermogenic appetite suppressant. I’ve used a few myself, known plenty of others who have tried them out, and looked at the formulas of the most popular supplements in great detail (see below for more details) and I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t opt for something with a more well-rounded approach.

You get a few advantages with most good quality thermogenics. They don’t target BAT, which can be seen as a bit of a con. However, they help you in pretty much every other element of your weight loss.

Firstly, energy levels can plummet when you’re on a calorie restricted diet – after all, you are literally depriving yourself of energy.

Thermogenics typically contain some form of caffeine, which should put a bit of a spring in your step. You should try to be fairly physically active on a weight loss regime too, so an energy boost like this is very welcome. I know that I certainly benefit from it a lot of the time.

Caffeine is also highly thermogenic. The caffeine in question here is caffeine anhydrous, a particularly potent form for eliciting a greater fat burn. It should help to ramp up your metabolic rate. And it’s not working alone – most of the ingredients included in most thermogenic supplements are quite obviously thermogenic compounds, all known for boosting your metabolism, thus supercharging your weight loss.

Finally, it can be very hard to stick to a calorie deficit. Hunger pangs and cravings come into play. Thermogenics can help here, too. It aids satiation, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, whilst stabilizing your blood sugar levels, thus warding off any hunger pangs or energy dips.

The caffeine isn’t for everyone, of course. However, there are few side effects associated with thermogenic compounds outside of caffeine’s role. And the benefits are incredible. If I was looking for a weight loss supplement using my own money, this is the direction I would take.

Evidence Supporting Exipure

We’ve seen the ingredients included in Exipure. Though I might spend my money elsewhere, I won’t argue with its efficacy. They are intelligently blended ingredients that should mostly do what they say, even if holy basil may be doing most of the leg work.

Every ingredient has been thoroughly independently tested. There is a wealth of clinical data showing that perilla really does aid cholesterol health, for instance, and that kudzu’s antioxidant credentials are sound.

Holy basil, or tulsi, is perhaps the most well tested. A 2017 review has shown how effective it can be for your overall health and wellbeing. It should be a perfect accompaniment to your weight loss efforts.

White Korean ginseng also benefits from a wealth of clinical research, most notably an animal study published in 2010, showing that it can aid fat management and improve body composition.

The supplement as a whole is designed to support higher levels of BAT. Research has proven the wisdom of this goal. It can help with your weight management efforts, making it far easier to maintain a healthy body composition. It is also generally healthier to keep your BAT levels high.

Exipure Alternatives

PhenQ bottle open with capsules

I mentioned good quality thermogenic supplements above. If you want to take this route – and I would urge you to seriously consider doing so – then you can’t do too much better than PhenQ. It’s one of the best supplements on the market in any category, made by Wolfson Berg, one of the industry’s greatest manufacturers.

It has some appetite suppressing qualities, though this is more of an afterthought with PhenQ. Really, it excels as a thermogenic supplement.

It boosts your metabolic rate to allow you to burn more calories even at rest (up to an extra hundred or so calories daily), and as an energy source, delivering a great deal of caffeine to help plug the energy gap caused by your calorie deficit. It should also help to impair your body’s ability to create new fat cells.

It does this all by combining some truly phenomenal ingredients. These include thermogenic heavyweights like capsicum extract, piperine extract, Lacy’s Reset, l-carnitine fumarate, and, of course, caffeine anhydrous. It also uses niacin, chromium picolinate, calcium carbonate, and nopal to fully optimize your body’s weight loss ability.

If you’re looking to lose weight by combining a calorie deficit with an active lifestyle, PhenQ will be one of your best friends. I would recommend it every time.


Holy basil is a fantastic ingredient. If you’re looking to lose weight and want to boost your BAT levels and diminish your white belly and thigh fat, it’s a potent ally. It’s well worth looking into.

However, this isn’t a holy basil supplement. It contains a lot of disparate ingredients. They all earn their place on paper, but in reality they bring little to the table that you can’t get with holy basil alone.

And there are plenty of helpful things that a good weight loss supplement can offer outside of increasing your BAT levels. These include appetite satiation, an optimized metabolism, and a boost to your energy levels. These all come from high quality thermogenics.

And it’s hard to find a higher quality thermogenic than something like PhenQ. I would urge anybody to put their money here – buy yourself a bottle of PhenQ, a cheap holy basil supplement, and keep to a calorie deficit whilst staying active.

This is your best bet for losing weight. It will be a lot easier and a lot more effective using PhenQ than going with anything else.