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Best Appetite Suppressants

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It can be hard to lose weight. Society seems set against us, often demanding that we are increasingly sedentary even as we are presented with increasingly easy-access, high calorie food. Therefore, when we do decide we need to drop a few pounds of body fat, we need all the help we can get.

There are a few things we can use. A healthy diet with a calorie deficit coupled with an active lifestyle are fundamental to success. However, supplements can also play a large role. This is where appetite suppressants come into their own, helping you to maintain a calorie deficit alongside other benefits.

Quick Verdict: PhenQ

PhenQ Bottle

PhenQ is our no.1 choice when it comes to combining an appetite suppressant with a thermogenic fat burner.

You will still need to be in a calorie deficit, but PhenQ makes this much easier to sustain and gives you the energy to power through your days and achieve your weight loss goals more comfortably and efficiently.

Using Appetite Suppressant For Best Results

Appetite suppressants usually deliver a range of benefits.

Of course, they are there in large part to do what they say on the tin – they suppress your appetite, keeping hunger pangs and cravings at bay.

This makes it easier to maintain a calorie deficit, which is crucial for losing body fat. To lose about 1 lb. per week, try to maintain a daily deficit of 500 calories. That is, eat 500 calories fewer per day than your body needs.

It will take the remaining calories from your body fat reserves, depleting them.

However, most appetite suppressants also give other benefits. Many are thermogenic supplements, meaning that they increase the rate at which your body uses calories by a small amount. They will make that deficit easier to hit and more effective.

They also often give you more energy, through ingredients like caffeine and guarana, and keep your brain fully engaged, allaying the brain fog that often accompanies a calorie deficit. This will allow you to maintain an active lifestyle far more ably.

This is where the magic really happens. Appetite suppressants don’t cause you to lose weight. They simply make your calorie deficit easier to manage and maintain, a bit more effective, and more sustainable whilst keeping active.

Our Top Appetite Suppressants

I have assessed the best appetite suppressants available and compiled the top 8 right here for you.


PhenQ bottle open with capsules

I want to start with PhenQ, one of my all-time favorite supplements. It is one of the most popular, highly dependable, potent weight loss supplements out there.

As above, most pills like this perform a balancing act between various weight-loss centric benefits. With this in mind, PhenQ is more of a thermogenic fat burner than an appetite suppressant in its own right, as are many in this list.

It elicits greater rates of thermogenesis, meaning that your body will use up more calories even at rest than it otherwise would.

It does this very ably by combining some of the best thermogenic ingredients on today’s market. The ingredients it uses will turn up time and again in this list as they are so trustworthy and reliable.

They include niacin, chromium picolinate, calcium carbonate, nopal and l-carnitine fumarate, alongside the incredibly potent capsicum extract (one of the best thermogenic ingredients money can buy), Lacy’s Reset, caffeine anhydrous, and piperine extract.

Everything included rests on a solid groundwork of data and scientific research.

And they won’t simply elicit thermogenesis, of course. They are, as you would expect, perfect for increasing feelings of satiation – they make you feel fuller for longer, meaning you will be less likely to need or be tempted to snack or overindulge. Your appetite will decrease, allowing you to achieve your much needed calorie deficit far more easily, with far less stress or discomfort.

Add the caffeine to this mix for clarity and energy and you have one of the best combinations for weight loss going. You will be taking in less energy (as calories are at heart a unit of energy) without feeling like you are doing so – you’ll be able to remain active and switched on even as you eat less to achieve the results you want.

Everything included in PhenQ is entirely vegan and natural, for which I absolutely adore it.

PhenQ Pros

  • Few side effects beyond the caffeine
  • Potent thermogenesis
  • Aids satiation, suppressing your appetite
  • Everything is natural and vegan friendly
  • Everything is well scientifically backed 
  • Can halt the creation of new fat cells
  • Boosts energy levels and mental clarity just when they are needed

PhenQ Cons

  • The caffeine content may make it unsuitable for some


We’re kind of spoilt for choice with appetite suppressants and thermogenic fat burners. If I had to list my top ten or twenty supplements of all time, in any category, several items included here would make it. PrimeShred is one of them, perhaps a spot or two below PhenQ but nevertheless thoroughly deserving of its inclusion.

PrimeShred is billed as being mainly for bodybuilders and physique competitors, but this needn’t put anyone off.

I am neither (when I lift, it’s generally for strength), but I still use it when things get a little fluffy around the midriff. Anybody looking to lose a little weight, particularly in an athletic setting, will benefit from using it.

Again, we get a lot of the high-impact ingredients one would expect of a good thermogenic weight loss supplement, all included in generous, workable doses to give you the best chance at success – every dosage is carefully calibrated to be in-line with the most up-to-date clinical data available.

You get a high energy kick with PrimeShred, hence its suitability for athletes and those with active, busy lifestyles.

This comes from green tea, green coffee, and caffeine, in the most part. DMAE, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, cayenne pepper, and B vitamins further combine to elicit a decent thermogenic effect (paired with caffeine, another potent thermogenic ingredient).

You will be able to optimize your fat burning potential at the same time as being able to stay good and active, with antioxidants to spare to help you overcome training fatigue. You should also find your appetite dipping, though this is a lesser emphasis than with some supplements, allowing you to keep to a weight loss diet and lifestyle plan far more ably.

All ingredients are completely natural and vegan, rounding off their near-perfection.

PrimeShred Pros

  • Massive boost in energy and mental clarity
  • Potent thermogenic effect
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Perfect for maintaining an active lifestyle

PrimeShred Cons

  • A little expensive
  • The ingredients’ high-energy nature isn’t suitable for everyone
  • Less emphasis on appetite suppression than with other products


Trimtone is marketed more towards women looking to lose weight than men. However, just as PrimeShred is good for all active types, not just bodybuilders, so is Trimtone good for anybody looking to lose a bit of body fat.

To start off with, Trimtone is nearly as good a thermogenic supplement as PhenQ and PrimeShred. Many of its ingredients are geared towards ramping up your energy levels and fat burning potential. These include caffeine, green coffee and green tea, all of which will kick up your energy levels, help you to overcome brain fog, and boost your calorie consumption a little.

However, Trimtone is probably the best supplement yet for suppressing your appetite. It contains one of my favorite diet supplement ingredients – glucomannan. I would suggest that anybody cutting back by more than a few hundred calories per day invest in some form of it.

Glucomannan is a particularly healthy form of fiber. Fiber is a type of indigestible carbohydrate that expands in your stomach and digestive tract, which is important for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it makes you feel fuller for longer, sating your appetite so that you naturally eat less. Secondly, it aids proper digestion by bulking out the body’s waste products.

In other words it keeps you regular and healthy in the bathroom.

Fiber is also often under consumed as we hit calorie deficits. We keep protein levels high to maintain muscle mass, but leave carbs well alone. This cripples digestive health and seriously undermines our attempts to feel fuller for longer.

We also often under consume micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – on a restricted eating plan. Trimtone has you covered here, too, with a fantastic vitamin and mineral complex to keep you healthy and well.

Trimtone Pros

  • It’s brilliant for increasing satiation
  • High fiber and micronutrient content
  • Improves energy levels
  • Thermogenic nature optimizes weight loss
  • Super convenient – you only need one pill daily
  • Few side effects beyond the caffeine

Trimtone Cons

  • High caffeine content isn’t suitable for all users
  • The capsules are meat-based, making it inappropriate for vegetarians and vegans


If you follow a plant-based diet and can’t take Trimtone, Leanbean is possibly the answer. It’s a fully plant-based, vegan-friendly dietary packed full of exclusively natural ingredients.

It also happens to be one of the best thermogenic supplements on today’s market. As with many other supplements in this list, the formula rests on solid, cutting edge scientific evidence.

Every ingredient is proven to work at whatever purpose it is set.

All combined, they will allow for a greater fat burning potential by increasing rates of thermogenesis, all whilst giving you the energy you need to live an active, full life, sating your appetite throughout.

All combined, it will make that calorie deficit easier to maintain and far more effective, optimizing your weight loss journey.

Leanbean is also far lighter on stimulants than many items on this list. If you’re wary of overdoing it on the caffeine and guarana, if you’re sensitive to it or simply like to drink coffee rather than taking it in through pills, Leanbean may be perfect for you.

That’s what it doesn’t contain. But what does it give you?

Well, for starters, a healthy dose of glucomannan with all the benefits offered by a first-class form of dietary fiber – this is where your satiation will come into it, as well as improved digestive health. This is largely what will make your calorie deficit so much easier to manage.

It doesn’t end there, of course. Leanbean also contains choline and chromium, which is actually very clever. Choline is a solid metabolic booster, giving you that sought after thermogenic kick to allow for greater fat burning potential. Chromium stabilizes blood sugar levels, keeping you from experiencing the hunger pangs and energy dips associated with blood sugar spikes and crashes.

All told, you will want to eat less, with more stable energy, with greater fat burning potential. The only downside is the dosing – you have to take three capsules at regular intervals through the day, which can be a little inconvenient.

Leanbean Pros

  • High quality fiber content
  • Low caffeine and stimulant content
  • No side effects
  • Thermogenic
  • Vegan friendly formula

Leanbean Cons

  • It needs to be taken three time per day
  • Lack of stimulants may be hard on some

Instant Knockout Cut

If you really want to kick things up a notch in training, Instant Knockout, originally designed for MMA fighters and professional boxers, can be perfect for you.

It is a fat burner that packs as much of a punch (as you might imagine from the name) – it is high octane, powering you easily through any workout regime no matter the rigors of your calorie deficit.

If you want to keep as active and energized as possible as you cut your body fat levels down, you should consider trying it out.

As it should do to make it on this list, Instant Knockout both suppresses your appetite and boosts your metabolic rate, eliciting greater rates of thermogenesis than dieting alone.

You get a full 350 milligrams of caffeine per serving (the equivalent of around two cups of coffee), which brings about most of the thermogenic rise. It is also where a lot of the extra energy and mental clarity comes from, giving you oomph as you train. Making it excellent to use as a pre-workout formula.

In addition to this, Instant Knockout’s formula includes green tea extract, cayenne pepper, black pepper extract, and both vitamins B and D to boost thermogenesis and decrease your appetite. It will balance your blood sugar levels and improve your sensitivity to insulin, helping to keep hunger pangs and energy dips at bay.

Everything is also vegan friendly, because even plant lovers like to play hard sometimes.

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Plenty of caffeine and green tea for energy and focus
  • Perfect for pre-workout
  • All natural, fully vegan ingredients
  • Elicits thermogenesis
  • Evens out blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity

Instant Knockout Cons

  • The caffeine content is borderline dangerous if you don’t reduce your intake elsewhere


PhenGold capsules

PhenGold, from Swiss Research Labs, is another incredibly popular stalwart of the weight loss supplement world.

It carries on this list’s trend of using all-natural, well-researched ingredients of the highest quality, ensuring that it does everything it claims to do.

And what does it claim to do?

In short – raise your metabolic rate whilst suppressing your appetite, just like any good entry on this list should do. It will help you a great deal, supporting healthy weight loss.

However, PhenGold sacrifices a little by way of both stimulation and satiation. It’s all still there, of course, but PhenGold really zeroes in on the metabolic and mental part of things.

It gives you extra energy by speeding up your fat burning and usage, allowing you better access to your body’s own energy resources, whilst also supporting brain health.

This should give you a clearer, more level kind of energy uptick than you would get with something like Instant Knockout.

Which isn’t to say it skimps on the stimulants. You get 225 milligrams of caffeine, a decent amount of green tea, and some high quality nootropics. This is everything you need to feel a good energy surge, with improved stimulation and rate of thermogenesis.

It pairs this with a couple of nootropic compounds, though, keeping everything well balanced.

Firstly, you get 150 mg of the nootropic dimethylaminoethanol, which will lead to improved clarity, cognitive wellbeing and mental energy. This is backed up by l-theanine, which should help to diminish anxiety and stress, leaving you clearer headed.

It’s perfect for maintaining willpower and brain function through any calorie cut.

Everything is completely vegan.

PhenGold Pros

  • Great thermogenic ingredients
  • Nootropic effects for mental clarity and willpower
  • Decent energy spike from stimulants and fat use
  • Vegan

PhenGold Cons

  • Lacking a little in appetite suppression
  • Caffeine content is on the high side for some


Clenbutrol is CrazyBulk’s signature weight loss aid, designed to replicate the common steroid clenbuterol using only natural, safe ingredients. It’s perfect for cutting cycles, eliciting fat loss whilst enabling lean muscle retention and improved energy and endurance.

For best results, CrazyBulk suggest stacking Clenbutrol with three of their other products – Winsol, aimed at replicating winstrol; Anvarol, aimed at replicating Anavar; and Trenorol, aimed at replicating trenbolone.

However, it should be sufficient by itself if you’re looking for a little help with your weight loss journey. It should bring about an improved thermogenic effect with improved performance, in a similar yet far lesser vein to clenbuterol. With this, you will be able to burn through more fat whilst experiencing improved oxygen transportation, thus improving your cardiovascular performance.

It is not as good as the real thing. However, it’s also not as bad. It won’t give you anything like the same benefits as clenbuterol. It also won’t give you any of the nasty, often life-threatening side effects.

It contains a few good ingredients for weight loss – for improving your thermogenic burn, giving you a little bit more energy, and possibly suppressing your appetite. These are vitamin B3 (niacinamide), garcinia cambogia, bitter orange extract, and guarana extract. All told, they should help you out a great deal.

There are, however, better options.

It’s a decent supplement from a well-known, often well-respected company, so it deserves a place in this list with people taking it seriously. However, this is quite a light ingredients list, and nothing from CrazyBulk comes in too cheap.

Realistically, you will need to stack a few of their supplements to achieve what something like Instant Knockout can do by itself.

Clenbutrol Pros

  • Safer than clenbuterol, which it models itself on
  • Fat burning properties
  • Improved oxygen transportation

Clenbutrol Cons

  • Light on ingredients
  • Pricey for what you get
  • Works best stacked with other supplements


Let’s end on a high, with something that really should supercharge your training and weight loss efforts.

Zotrim gives you plenty of energy. Some of this comes from caffeine, which should act both as a stimulant and as a thermogenic fat burner. It should boost your mood and energy levels whilst removing much of the brain fog and fatigue associated with a weight loss diet.

It also gives you a generous helping of guarana from guarana seed extract, which should compound the caffeine’s effects.

It will similarly give you a good energy boost, help you to overcome fatigue and brain fog, give you improved mental clarity, and bring your metabolism up a notch. The energy release is also slower than caffeine, helping to iron out any potential energy crashes or spikes.

Additionally, guarana can improve the rate at which you break down body fat for energy.

Finally, you get a bit of a lesser-known ingredient with each Zotrim serving – yerba mate leaf extract. This should add to the energy boost you get form the caffeine and guarana.

However, it can do plenty more than simply spiking your energy levels. Yerba mate brings with it a slew of rejuvenating properties.

Yerba mate leaf extract can improve your stamina and recovery rate by increasing the synthesis of energy molecules such as monophosphate, diphosphate, and adenosine triphosphate, improving your athleticism. It is also a fantastic source of free radical fighting antioxidants and polyphenols. The former will keep you healthy and young. The latter, polyphenols, have been linked to improved metabolic health.

Finally, Zotrim uses damiana leaf extract, which is very clever. Damiana leaf has a long history of use in traditional forms of medicine for its ability to manage symptoms of depression, low libido, and menopause.

This is because it helps your body to better regulate hormonal output.

In doing so, it should in theory tighten up pretty much every area of your body’s healthy functioning, including energy output, mood, libido, stress and anxiety, and, importantly, body composition and appetite.


There are plenty of good weight loss supplements out there. We have listed some of the best ones above – supplements that should help you to fight hunger pangs, suppressing your appetite, even as they help to boost your metabolism, as well as often providing a wide range of additional benefits for body composition.

However, there is a supplement that stands head and shoulders above the rest. I would always go with PhenQ if I had the choice. It does everything you need it to do – it boosts your energy levels, elicits a greater degree of thermogenesis, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, suppressing your appetite incredibly well.

There are more specialized supplements out there. For pure athletic power, consider Instant Knockout. For digestive health, anything with glucomannan is a good shout. However, for a little bit of everything done incredibly well, PhenQ is a hands down winner.