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Motivated to Change

Angela Campbell

That’s not me anymore

The WellStart Program has made such a huge impact on my life. I have found the simple message, “That’s not me anymore,” to be so powerful. In the past, I would go to the grocery store, a party, etc. and be surrounded by unhealthy foods (sweets in particular for me). I thought I could never be around these foods without devouring them. Now, I walk into these situations every day and simply say “That’s not me anymore.” It is a bit like Dorothy’s ruby slippers – I had the power all along.

How I have a team for support

Having the WellStart group for support has made me stronger. I am not alone in my struggles and my successes. Now I have a team for support, understanding and a kick in the pants when needed. Josh provides that “been there” understanding along with phenomenal excuse-busting skills. Howard provides smooth guidance through the tangled webs we weave in our minds in order to get to the real truth. Howard teaches how we can change our thinking and behaviors which are not leading us to success. It is very empowering to see myself make these changes in order to live the life I want.

Take the first step to rolling back chronic disease.

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