Commit and Act with
WellStart Health.

We need a supportive community

It took community to get you unhealthy. It will take a different kind of community to get you fit and well.

Coach-Led Discussion

In a live group video call, your coach guides you to identify your “why”, your step by step goals, how to tackle habit change, and what actions to take each day.

Moderated Group Discussions

Connect with peers and coaches, share your accomplishments and challenges, get answers, and give and receive support and accountability.

Motivation is overrated

Motivation comes and goes; it’s not a reliable source of fuel for lifestyle change. Instead, focus on follow-through: making a commitment and keeping it no matter what.

Private Texting with Your Coach

Got questions? Dealing with temptation? Worried about tomorrow’s lunch meeting? Can’t find time to fit in some movement? Reach out to your coach and get a reply within a couple of hours.

Control over behavior is a learnable skill, not a character trait

You’re not lazy; you don’t lack willpower; you aren’t undisciplined. Changing habits is like learning to play an instrument: if you practice daily and fix your mistakes, you will achieve mastery.

You Can Take Control

We support your employees with evidence-based programs that address the behaviors and habits at the root of their chronic conditions. Our in-place immersion program, conducted at or near your employer campus, busts common myths about habit change and empowers employees to take small positive steps in the right direction. Our 12-month digital lifestyle change program empowers participants to take charge of their well-being, reduce the risk of chronic disease, and in many cases, actually reverse one or more chronic conditions.