About The Program

WellStart Health is an intensive lifestyle change program led by highly-qualified physicians, dietitians and health coaches. The goal of the 12-week program is to support participants with chronic conditions, or those at high risk, to slow down and reverse their illnesses by empowering them with the knowledge and practical skills to take control of their own health. Many participants reduce and even eliminate medications, and feel better than they'd ever imagined possible.

We Are a Lifestyle Change Program, Not a Diet

We Are Evidence-backed, Our Program Is Based on Numerous Peer-reviewed Studies

We Are Clinician-driven, Led by Physicians and Dietitians

Daily Support Throughout the 90-day Program, Plus Weekly Support Thereafter for the Whole Year

We Focus on Engaging the Entire Household, Not Just the Individual Participant

We Measure Biometrics to Clearly Demonstrate Success

We Offer a Risk-free, Pay-For-Performance Model

We Make Behavior Change Accessible, Approachable, and Fun

Program Overview

WellStart takes participants on a 12-week virtual health retreat. Participants become empowered to take charge of their own health, reducing the risk of chronic disease and in many cases, actually reversing one or more chronic conditions. With our balance of streamlined, smart technology and highly-qualified human touch, WellStart doesn’t manage chronic conditions, we put them out of business.




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