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8 ways to get to 8 glasses

Many of us have a difficult time drinking eight glasses of water per day.  While water is very refreshing and hydrating, it’s also tasteless, so our normally overstimulated taste buds do not get the flavor they are hoping for.  This can make drinking a lot of water seem like a chore.  But don’t fret, here are some strategies for making your 8-a-day go down easy!

  1. FRUIT IT UP – Try flavoring your water with fresh fruit or veggies – some cucumber, orange slices, a squeeze of lemon or some berries are always a good choice.  They can also add some extra nutrients.  Herbs, like mint or lavender, are great, too! 
  2. SPOT OF TEA – Find some tea flavors that you enjoy and have a cup of tea in the morning to get energized, and in the evening to unwind (a little bit of caffeinated tea is okay, but the herbal variety is preferable at night!) 
  3. SOUP’S ON – A clear vegetable broth counts as water, too!  On a cool day, sip a homemade or store-bought (low sodium) veggie broth in a mug or bowl to warm up. 
  4. SNACKTIME – When having a snack of nuts, hummus, olives, popcorn, or anything that might be on the drier or saltier side, it’s the perfect opportunity to quench your thirst with a glass or two of refreshing H2O! 
  5. PUT IT ON ICE – Freeze some berries or grapes and use them as ice cubes.  You can also squeeze some oranges or other juicy fruit into your ice cube trays and freeze it for a kick of frozen flavor in your water!
  6. SCHEDULED HYDRATION – Peg your water drinking to your meals:  Drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning, then drink one at breakfast, one before lunch, one right after lunch, one with a snack, and then book end dinner with two more glasses.  If you pour yourself a ten-ounce glass each time, you’ll have reached your goal by then!
  7. CHANGE THE VESSEL – Sometimes, just drinking water in a different type of glass will make it a bit more interesting.  Water in a wine glass?  Why not! 
  8. TEMPERATURE GAUGE – It takes longer to drink cold water than room temperature water, but some people just prefer a glass of ice-cold agua.  So, maybe switch it up throughout the day, just for variety!

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